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Please note:  Products sold in New Zealand are not subject to TGA approval.

How to make the most of nPod: 
nPod helps you select the most appropriate products for your clients from the huge range of Australian and New Zealand Practitioner Only brands.  For easy access, products are listed in categories: 

  • Prescribing Guide lists all products designed for specific conditions in subcategories via Body Systems (eg Cardiovascular, Circulation, Herbal & Nutritional or Homeopathic).  
  • Children 2-5 & Infants and Children 6-12 are listed separately within their own Body Systems.
  • Homeopathic brands are listed in the Prescribing Guide and separately under brand names.

Products listed in the following categories are designed for general use and therefore not included in the Prescribing Guide: 

  • Extemporaneous Dispensing (A-Z) (see refined subcategories within this area)
  • Liquid Herbs  A- Z (All brands listed separately as well as in a comprehensive A-Z category)
  • Minerals, Celloids & Tissue Salts (see refined subcategories within this area)
  • Nutritional and Systemic (see refined subcategories within this area)
  • Tests & Diagnostic Tools (see refined subcategories within this area)
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics (see refined subcategories within this area)
  • Topical Skin Care (see refined subcategories within this area)


Compare button;  compare up to 5 different products at once.   Go to A-Z Products tab or any subcategory and click the {c} beside the first product (or use the Compare link for each product), then find your 2nd product and repeat.  Press the green Compare button to view your selected products.  To view full product details again, click the product name, then Back to return to the comparison page. There is a Remove button at the foot of the Comparison, then press Back to replace that product, with another for comparison. 

Search button;  find a substance, product or illness and you can search for either one or two words at once.  Select a specific category from the drop down box or search the whole site. Once you have your result, refine your search by ticking the box to Search within search result.  We recommend you use the Prescribing Guide for a comprehensive result in finding products for specific ailments.  The A-Z Products tab is the easiest way to find a specific productView Example

Prescribed button;  print a preformatted prescription sheet, as a record for yourself and/or clients.  This list will be saved for ongoing reference each time you login, unless you Clear it.  Go to A-Z Products and click the {p} beside the first product, then find the 2nd product prescribed and repeat (or you can use the Prescribed link for each product) then click the green Prescribed button in the top left corner to print/view the sheet.  View example

Protocols button;  this button enables you to add and save your individual protocols for future use when logged in.  Click the Protocol button, create your protocol name (eg Acne) type your notes, select your products from the A-Z list on this page, then Save. Protocol names will automatically list alphabetically, regardless of the uploaded order.  Print and hand to your client, or just save for future use/editing.  This feature allows you to list ALL your protocols on one site!  Please note, if you are part of a group which has a shared login, then this facility is also shared.  Likewise with a shared group IP address login.

Cumulative Total;  enables you to add single ingredients across all products prescribed.  Go to A-Z Products, open the 1st product and click {+} beside the ingredient you want to add (click more than once for multiple dosages) then press Back to find your next product and repeat as required, then view the Cumulative total field.  An alternative method is to add your selected products to the Compare function first View example

Find a specific product, the RRP or distributors;  use the A-Z Products tab along the top banner. A link to the Distributors and the RRP is found at the foot of every product, excluding single herbal liquids and some tests & diagnostic tools which are wholesale items.  More information

Filter;  allows you to view a specific type of product (eg Nutritional or Herbal).  The Filter feature is only available on pages displaying Products.  This feature resets itself after moving from the viewed page. 

Find a specific substance within a specific type of product eg find Iodine in a Multi Vitamin with Minerals supplement:  Click Nutritional and Systemic category, Multi Vitamins with Minerals, then click Control F on your keyboard, type Iodine in the box which appears in the top right hand corner of your screen and view the results.

Tabs along the top banner
A-Z Products;  lists all brands alphabetically (excluding liquid herbs as they have their own A-Z listing).  Click the product name to view prescribing information, hover over the {i} to view product contents, click {c} to add a product to the Compare list and click {p} to add a product to the Prescribed list.

Webinars;  lists the upcoming webinars throughout Australia and New Zealand in chronological order.

Podcasts;  gives you access to many podcasts together with a printable record for claiming additional CPE points from your Association.

Education;  gives you access to educational portals, virtual hubs, calendars, and research. Technical Information will help you find MSDS or further detailed technical information from websites of manufacturers listing products on nPod.

Resources;  lists useful resources together with links to retail manufacturers to enable you to quickly view retail products.

Books;  (More, drop down list) displays professional CDs and books.

Probiotic Selector;  helps you select the most clinically effective, probiotic strain for the particular disorder you are treating as well as providing you with the latest probiotic research. 

Colleges & Associations;  (More, drop down list) lists the colleges and associations who provide free or discounted access to nPod for their members as well as listing the Associations who give CPE points for subscriptions to nPod.

Purchasing Products;  (More, drop down list) is actually a Find A Practitioner page. This page directs all public enquiries relating to purchase of products, to practitioners subscribed to nPod.

Distribution Companies;  (More, drop down list) shows the distributors listed with nPod (there is also a link to distributors at the foot of each product).

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Reviews by Practitioners, Students and Colleges:

  • Naturopath, New Zealand, "I can't live without it now:)"
  • Naturopath, Qld: "I really especially love that you can compare and contrast products.  I also love the search feature that continues searching again and again within the prevous search! AND the directory of all the products I don't have manuals for!  I can basically throw away my hard copies of everything!"
  • Lecturer, when her college joined nPod: "To say I'm thrilled is an understatement!"
  • Naturopath, NSW:  "Thanks for all your time and effort for starting up this site and getting it going.  It's really great now - such a time saver!" 
  • Student, Vic:  "I can guarantee you that everybody will love the product comparisons, it is really needed - fantastic that you have it on your site!"
  • Naturopath, Vic: "nPod has been really helpful in introducing new products to me and keeping other ones in mind that are helpful to my patients' presentations."
  • Retiring Naturopath, NSW: "It was a pleasure to be part of such a great innovative high tech alternative medicine library/research innovator like nPod who helps many naturopaths stay in touch with the latest developments in alternative care today tomorrow and beyond." 
  • Pharmacy Naturopath, Qld: "It is so handy to use in the pharmacy and I wish we had one for retail businesses too."
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