We are endeavouring to include research references and all technical information with each product listed on our site, in the meantime if you would like to view the manufacturer's safety data sheets (MSDS) or detailed technical information not yet displayed on nPod, see details below:

Ardeypharm, lists technical information and references on nPod with each product.

BioCeuticals login to their site and see Additional Product Materials

BioConcepts, Orthoplex, Orthoplex White Label, Pure Innovation and Pure Oil Innovation login to their site and see Products to find further technical information listed with each product

BioMedica, telephone their office on 1300 884 702 for further product information.

BioPharma Scientific Scientific & Sunpab, telephone Ariya Health for further product information

BioResearch, contact NRG for more information if needed

Blackmores Prof. Range, telephone their office on 1800 151 493 for further product information.

Brauer Prof., BioCare, Bio-Practica, Heel, Medicine Tree, Reckeweg & Schuessler, telephone Practitioner support on 1300 551 077 for further product information

Cell-Logic Pty Ltd list all technical information on nPod with each product

China Med list all technical information on nPod with each product 
Black Pearl (BP) Telephone their office on  02 97592927 for further technical information

Flordis (coming soon)

FxMed, Ayush, Biotivia, Collagen M.D., Enzyme Science, Gaia, Metabolic Maintenance, Mushroom Wisdom, Neogenis Labs, Pure Encapsulations, Researched Nutritionals, Thorne (listing early 2016), to be advised

HealthWise list all technical informaton on nPod with each product

Health World, TCM & Sun Ten, login to their site to view further information

House of Health Telephone their office +64 9 8465566 for further technical information

InterClinical Laboratories and Trace Nutrients list all technical information on nPod with each product

MD Nutritionals list all technical info, or provide links, on nPod with each product

MediHerb and Eagle login to their sites and see Products  to find MSDS listed with each product

Medlab, Telephone 1300 369 570, or login to their site and see further product information

Metagenics and Innovative Therapies, login to their site and see Resources, Technical Information

Nahaia Active Organics, contact them for further information if needed

Natural Extracts Australia Pty Ltd, telephone their office 61 02 98445432 for further technical information

Natural Fertility Management Prof. telephone their office 02 9999 2525 for further technical information

Natural Therapy Imports, Ardeypharm login and click on 'Healthcare Professionals'

Nutrisearch Ltd, Future Formulations - Dr.James Wilson, Douglas Laboratories, Naturopathsown, telephone Nutrisearch for further information NZ: 0800-88-44-33 AU: 1800-177-959

Nutrition Care, telephone their office 1800 034445 for MSDS and further technical information

Oriental Botanicals lists all technical information on nPod with each product

Pacific Health lists all technical informaton on nPod.  For references ph +64 9 8150707 

Research Nutrition, Doctors Data, Lipid Technologies, Nordic Naturals, US-BioTek, Immunosciences, Xymogen login to their site and see Education Portal, Practitioner Resources, Technical Papers

Spectrumceuticals, contact their office if more information is needed