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Metagenics Covid-19 Webinar: What Every Healthcare Practitioner Needs to Know  
Covid-19 Infection Control Training (Aust Government Dept of Health)

MediHerb On Demand Webinar, Clinical Management of PCOS and Metabolic Health
BioConcepts Free Webinar, The New Generation of Spore Forming Probiotics
Designs for Health Learning Collective: Berberine

BioCeuticals Virtual Symposium, Enhancing Mental Wellbing 
BioMedica Webinar Plasmalogens 101 Part 1
MediHerb Live Stream Seminar, An Evening with Mills & Bone
FxMed NZ Free Webinar, Stress & Thyroid Health
Integria Symposium, Restoring the Seat of Health 
Bio-Practica Free Webinar How to sustain your Gut Terrain

BioMedica Plasmalogens 101 Part 2
FxMed NZ Free Webinar, Importance of Addressing Parasite Cleansing
Bio-Practica Free Webinar, Detox, Allergies & Gut Healing

Metagenics Institute Congress, Autoimmune d. 

Mediherb Logo PCOS

MediHerb On-Demand Webinar Clinical Management of PCOS and Metabolic Health

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common reproductive endocrine disorders in women of reproductive age. It causes significant distress and is a frequent cause of anovulatory infertility, long cycles, heavy periods and acne in women. PCOS also affects body image and emotional wellbeing, as well as substantially increasing a woman’s likelihood of metabolic abnormalities, predisposing them to insulin resistance, cardiovascular risk, dyslipidaemia, endothelial dysfunction and systemic inflammation.

In this presentation Angela Hywood will explore the metabolic precursors affecting this condition, using current scientific understanding and its implications in reproductive health. Angela will also share her herbal and nutritional treatment approaches to PCOS, based on her extensive clinical experience in this crucial area of healthcare.

Dates: On-demand webinar from Monday 20 September for two weeks
Speaker: Angela Hywood
Cost:  Practitioners $30, Students $24.  Duration, one hour

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BioConcepts New Generation logo

Need a new treatment in your armoury to amplify and sustain your results for gastrointestinal disorders like IBS, SIBO and constipation?

In this Clinical Concepts Live, join one of the world’s leading researchers on spore-forming bacteria. Hear direct from Dr Jayanthi Neelamraju how these unique spores are the key to the bacteria’s success, why they differ from any other probiotic and how they alter the intestinal environment and modulate the microbiome.

Presenter: Dr Jayanthi Neelamraju PhD.   Dr. Jayanthi holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India with postdoctoral experience from the Osaka City University Medical School, Japan. She is also a registered patent agent with the Government of India.  She has published in peer reviewed journals in areas related to Nutrition and carcinogenesis apart from probiotics. Prior to joining Unique Biotech, she was involved in teaching Biochemistry and Microbiology to undergraduate and graduate students. At Unique Biotech Ltd, she is involved in Scientific liasoning with various universities, research institutes and hospitals for collaborative research on probiotics. Jayanthi will share the results of her clinical trials on adults and children with IBS, children with functional abdominal pain and diarrhoea, and adults with IBD and constipation, with some exciting results on improving bacterial vaginosis and protein absorption.

You'll learn:

  • What spore-forming bacteria are and how they become active
  • Their function in a healthy and dysfunctional gut
  • Their mechanism of action in constipation and diarrhoea
  • The clinical trials and in vivo studies that provide evidence for their use in GIT disorders

You will receive:  1 CPE point, a copy of presentation slides and additional related resources.
FREE and available From: Wednesday, 29 September 12pm AEST.  On demand: Expires 29 November 12pm AEST
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DFH Learning Collect Berberine logo

We are proud to welcome you to The Learning Collective as our latest education initiative. With an ongoing commitment to our practitioner community, you can now engage in the latest research and education with this series of complimentary 30-minute lunchtime webinars.

The Learning Collective sessions are available to join live during your lunch break or view later as on-demand recordings on our website.  Each Learning Collective webinar focuses on a key ingredient, relevant to your clinical practice, highlighting the relevant research and applications. The Learning Collective sessions support you to broaden your understanding and gain clinical insights to implement in your practice.

THE LEARNING COLLECTIVE SESSION TWO | Berberine Lunchtime Presentation + Live Q & A Discussion with Dr Oscar Coetzee and Amy Chapman Dip HSc.
An evidence-based practitioner education briefing. Join renowned US clinician, Dr Oscar Coetzee, as he presents the second of our new quick-briefings with a spotlight on key ingredients.
Insulin and blood glucose management challenges are now increasingly common in patients. Blood lipids and liver health are also highly relevant factors for many patients, including those with NAFLD. Practitioners can benefit from the latest clinical experience and research into Berberine to have more diagnosing and prescribing resources. Join Dr Oscar Coetzee as he draws on his own clinical expertise and shares detailed insights into treatment options using Berberine.

Learn the key clinical applications of Berberine:

  • Understand the background and history of Berberine R&D
  • Clinical use and effectiveness of Berberine
  • Effectiveness to support healthy blood sugar/glucose
  • Berberine use for liver conditions in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Relevance of Berberine to insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia
  • Antimicrobial, antiviral, and antiparasitic actions of Berberine
  • Mechanisms of action in the maintenance of healthy blood lipids/blood fats

Date & Time:  Wednesday 29th Sept at 12:00 pm – 1 pm AEST (Sydney time)
12:00 pm – 12:20 pm – Intro and presentation from Dr Coetzee
12:20 pm – 12.40 pm – Live Q&A discussion moderated by Amy Chapman

Join in for a lively session with an expert presentation and engaging Q&A You can ask your questions live or in advance.  Click here to Register

BioCeuticals Symposium logo 21

The 2021 BioCeuticals Symposium goes virtual due to the current uncertainty around lockdowns and COVID restrictions, we have decided to shift our focus and put all our energy behind bringing you an incredible, virtual only event. The world has been experiencing immense changes and as a society, we are more stressed than ever, which has been further exacerbated by COVID-19. Furthermore, the World Health Organisation estimates that depression will be the number one health concern in both developed and developing nations by 2030. It is for this very reason we have chosen to focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing – what it means and how complementary medicine plays a role in supporting mental health.

During the event you will be taken on an exploration delving deep into each state of mental wellbeing, from depression and anxiety, moving up through to burnout and common stress and then reaching up into peak performance, learning practical treatment options to support your patients. Bought to you in an exciting new hybrid format, with both virtual and face-to-face presentations at four locations around Australia. You will hear from some of the world’s key opinion leaders on mental wellbeing, as well as experiencing plenary sessions and plenty of opportunities to nourish your own mental wellbeing with mindful moments.

If we experience local lockdowns, your ticket will be transferred to a virtual ticket, and the difference will be refunded. No matter what happens, you won't miss out!

  • Hear from the world’s key opinion leaders and experienced clinicians who specialise in mental wellbeing.
  • Delve deep into each state of mental wellbeing, from depression and anxiety, through to burnout, common stress and peak performance.
  • Reconnect with your peers. Plus, nourish your own mental wellbeing with mindful moments.

Locations:  WA: Pagoda Resort & Spa Perth or Virtual (from anywhere in Australia)
Cost (incl GST):  $450 Virtual 3/5/21 - 1/10/21, $995 WA live site - 1/8/21 - 1/10/21

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Lunch Learn 865x200px

Part 1 – Plasmalogens 101

Presented by Dr John Lewis PhD.  In this session, join Dr John Lewis as he unpacks the fundamentals of plasmalogen biochemistry, their roles in health and disease and the clinical relevance for neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment and Parkinson's disease. 

Key learning outcomes

  • Understand the biological function of plasmalogens
  • Understand the role of plasmalogens in age-related neurodegeneration
  • Critical appraisal of clinical trial data using Hokkaido scallop derived plasmalogens
  • The application of plasmalogens in clinical practice including dosing, interactions and potential indications beyond neurodegenerative conditions.

Date:  Thursday 14th October at 12.00pm ADST

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MediHerb logo Mill Bone

MediHerb is delighted to invite you to an educational evening with Professor Kerry Bone and Simon Mills.
Discussing their favourite herbs, this unique informal presentation will bring combine Kerry & Simon’s phytotherapy expertise, while providing you the opportunity to interact with our online community.  Bringing together interesting research updates with anecdotes from their own extensive clinical experience, Kerry and Simon will help you expand your clinical expertise for better clinical outcomes. This is a rare opportunity to get an in-depth herbal update and extensive Q&A session with two of the world’s most respected authorities on herbal medicine.

This inspiring event that will reignite your passion for herbs is coming via live stream for one night only – don’t miss it!

Speakers: Prof Kerry Bone & Simon Mills

Date: Friday 15 October at 7pm AEDT.  Duration 2 hours, includes 30 min Q & A session with Kerry & Simon.
Cost (incl GST):  Practitioners A$49, Students A$39.

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FxMed Stress Thyroid logo jpg

Presented by Denise Furness Friday 15 October at 12 noon NZDT / 10am AEDT

Prolonged HPA axis activation (long term stress) is associated with chronic inflammation, a known driver of autoimmune disease. In particular, thyroid related autoimmune diseases including Graves (hyperthyroidism) and Hashimoto’s (hypothyroidism). Furthermore, there is a bidirectional relationship between the HPA axis and the HPT (hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid) axis. For those who are committed to changing their lifestyle and addressing the underlying drivers of their condition, it is possible to reduce the symptoms of both hyper and hypothyroidism, ultimately leading to improved lifelong health.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the underlying drivers of thyroid imbalance with a focus on stress and key nutrients.
  • Gain an integrative approach to addressing underlying factors and restoring thyroid balance.

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Logo Integria symposium 

Presented by Practitioners, for Practitioners.

We invite you to join us for our pinnacle educational event, the 2021 Integria Healthcare Symposium

Optimising GIT health is at the core of naturopathic philosophy and practice, and it is considered the seat of all health. Our traditional understanding of the intimate connection between the digestive system and systemic physiology is now validated with a vast body of scientific evidence. Intricate two-way communication among various GIT-multisystem axes is now widely acknowledged – including between the brain, cardiometabolic, respiratory, skin, endocrine and immune systems. However, whilst this holistic approach to health is becoming more accepted, patients presenting with overt or underlying GIT dysfunctions continue to rise, with 1 in 2 Australians suffering from digestive problems.[i]

Despite these advances in research and practice innovation, working with common, yet complex GIT disorders can be challenging. Consequently, in order to continue providing optimal patient care it is vitally important to merge this contemporary scientific evidence with a holistic framework.

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Bio Practica How to Sustain logo jpeg

PART 1: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUCIN.  Malfunction of mucous is a major contributor to human disease, influencing the aetiology of several conditions and exacerbating others. It has long been understood that whole health is largely contingent on gastrointestinal mucosal integrity. Mucous, secreted by proteins known as mucins, constitutes a key component of the gut barrier. Mucins are gaining increasing recognition for their critical role in maintaining homeostasis of the intestinal epithelium.  The quality and quantity of mucin produced in the gastrointestinal tract may have a significant impact on gut microbial balance, and thus overall health.

Clinical Insights:
Understanding which microbes degrade mucin and which microbes protect or build up the mucin layer in the gut How nickel alters mucin production, acting as a direct irritant to the intestinal mucous and causing mucositis Why secretor status is an important determinant of mucin production and how best to support patients with this genetic variant How treating mucous dysfunction/depletion reduces the risk of systemic conditions such as IBD, IBS, endometriosis, and cancer Which clinical strategies effectively address mucous dysfunction/depletion

Presenter:  Gemma Martin is a clinical naturopath, researcher, and technical writer based in the beautiful northern NSW region of Australia. With over 15 years’ experience, Gemma began her naturopathic journey at Southern Cross University in Lismore, where she discovered a passion for the science of natural medicine. This love of science led to a role in research and product development with an industry leading natural product company shortly after the completion of her studies. Gemma also spent time in Broome, Western Australia, where she worked as a clinical naturopath and ran her own health consulting company providing on-site support to mining staff. Currently Gemma runs a practice in Murwillumbah and is a busy Mum with two young children.

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Lunch Learn 865x200px

Part 2 Plasmalogens

Part 2 – A clinical approach to neurodegeneration
Presenter: Samuel Peters, BHSc (Nat)
In this session, Samuel will build upon the learnings from Part 1 by providing a clinical approach to neurodegenerative disorders, providing a holistic framework for management, which can be immediately integrated into your clinical practice.

Key learning outcomes

  • An overview of the underlying drivers of age-related neurodegeneration
  • Appreciate the significance of the extended pre-clinical phase and the urgent need for early intervention
  • Understand the role of plasmalogens as well as other evidence-based complementary medicines in neurodegenerative conditions.
  • Best-practice clinical guidelines for management at various stages of disease presentation

 Date: Thursday, November 11th at 12.00pm ADST

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FxMed Cellcore parasite logo

Presented by Dr Nick Ellenson, Friday 12th November at 12 noon NZDT / 10am AEDT

This practitioner only event will be a 60-minute presentation on the importance of addressing parasite cleansing for better patient outcomes. Dr. Nick Ellenson will discuss the 4 secrets to parasite cleansing along with an easily implementable parasite cleansing protocol.

Learning Outcomes

  • Prevalence of parasite infections
  • Importance of being persistent with the protocols
  • Requirements to support your patients through parasite elimination

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BioPractica Detox Allergies logojpeg

Allergic diseases such as atopic eczema, food allergy, allergic rhinitis and asthma are reported to affect approximately 20% of the global population. The worldwide prevalence of allergic disease is rising rapidly and is attributed to the interplay of gene-environment interactions which alter the immune system and subsequent host response. The resultant chronic inflammation may perpetuate allergic disease and initiate other disease pathways.  Exposure to antigens may initiate gastrointestinal inflammation and gut barrier hyperpermeability, or ‘leaky gut’. Gut healing and anti-inflammatory protocols are an important feature in any allergy and reactivity protocol. Equally important is the support of detoxification pathways to reduce the toxic load and aid in the neuralisation and elimination of reactive compounds.

GAIN CLINICALLY SIGNIFICANT INSIGHTS INTO: How the modern Western diet and lifestyle is contributing to allergic disease, and key clinical strategies to reduce reactivity. Why gut repair and anti-inflammatory protocols are imperative for reduction of allergies. Decoding the latest research on the most effective natural medicines to assist in allergy reduction. How to reduce the toxic load and support detoxification pathways by using specific natural medicines, alongside therapeutic dietary and lifestyle practices.

Presenter Michele Wolff.  Michele is a naturopath with 20 years’ experience as a clinician, and is the owner of Ultimate Detox Solutions, a naturopathic clinic in Melbourne. She has also been a registered nurse since 1987, a colonic hydrotherapist since 1992, and regularly runs courses to teach health professionals colonic hydrotherapy. Michele’s passion for natural medicine has led her to complete extensive studies in the field of detoxification, in addition to stomach and bowel disorders. She is also the author of ‘Digestive Solutions: 101 Proven Methods to Solve Your Tummy Problems Naturally’. Michele has worked for several years as a naturopathic supervisor and lecturer in food as medicine to naturopathic and nutritional students and has been a senior lecturer for nutrition and naturopathic degrees for 17 years.

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Metagenics Autoimmune logo

Your Invitation to Metagenics' Congress on Autoimmune Disease

Registrations for the Metagenics Congress 2022 are now officially open, and you're invited to join us as we share the latest research on novel treatment pathways for autoimmune disease. Engage in three days of inspiring content delivered by world-class researchers and clinicians, re-connect with a community of like-minded Practitioners and take away the tools and resources you need to support patients when their bodies turn against themselves, suffering from pain and autoimmune conditions. Congress 2022 will be an event not to be missed.

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