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Metagenics, Clinical Practice in the Nutrigenomics Era, VIC,NZ
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Seminar presented by Tabitha McIntosh, Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist
The increasing incidence of reproductive disorders in both genders, and the downwards trend in fertility rates in Australia and around the world are alarming, and beg the question – where are we going wrong?

As clinicians we can no longer ignore the effect of the environment and our inevitable chemical burden on human development, health and reproduction. Join Tabitha for this seminar to understand at what stages of development for both genders, we can have the most significant impact on maximising healthy hormones and outcomes. We as clinicians have much potential to bridge the void in public awareness about chemicals, and an arsenal of powerful tools and strategies to maximise resilience against environmental onslaught, and in doing so, play a vital role in protecting our most precious resource – our next generation.

  • Topics covered and key learning outcomes:
  • Evidence of harm: a brief review of the latest environmental research and the current state of affairs
  • How strong is the connection between chemical exposures and human reproduction & development?
  • Review of reproductive development over the lifecycle: male and female sexual development, puberty, menarche, fertility potential, and beyond – and the impact of environmental exposures
  • Understand the specific toxins that threaten reproduction, neuro-development, and the next generation
  • Interplay between our genes, nutrition and industrial pollutants, and critical windows of vulnerability
  • The challenges and opportunities in private clinical practice with managing this
  • Review strategies to reduce toxicity-transfer
  • Build strong foundations – preconception, pregnancy, and beyond
  • Powerful strategies for becoming a part of the solution
  • Maximising resilience throughout the lifecycle for better outcomes
  • Clinical prescribing approaches for each stage of the lifecycle with respect to fertility and environmental impacts, including relevant case study insights

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Dates and Cost (incl GST):
Auckland 23rd September.

$65 Standard, $50 Early Bird, $50 Student

MediHerb Womens Health

Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of holistic treatment strategies that can be used to help restore the delicate balance of hormones in your female patients? 

Are you seeking new insights to help unravel the complexity of female reproductive disorders?

Menstrual irregularities, reproductive disorders, and hormonal issues are increasingly common in today’s world. As natural medicine Practitioners we are often called upon to help unravel the complex hormonal patterns our female patients present with, and to help restore balance in a body burdened by toxicity, stress and endocrine disturbances. This seminar will review some of the most common female reproductive disorders seen in clinical practice, and provide practical strategies to help you, as a Practitioner, better understand how to support and guide your patients to achieve optimal health.

Speakers:  Berris Burgone and Angela Hywood

Dates from 21st August to 17th September.

Investment (incl GST):  Practitioners $50 and Students $40

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BioPractica Seminar Decoding

Presented by Paul Kern (NSW, QLD, VIC & TAS) and Vanessa Hitch (ACT)

Discover new paradigms in how to holistically analyse your cases & apply effective multi-system treatments for:

  1. Improving detoxification
  2. Balancing female hormones
  3. Building immune resilience at the genetic level

1. Detoxification
Improving detoxification using clinoptilolite
Never in human history have we seen such a toxic burden being placed on our bodies. Yet our drainage and excretory systems are overwhelmed in their efforts to eliminate these environmental and endogenous toxins.

  • A new paradigm in detoxification, using the unique natural volcanic mineral, called clinoptilolite
  • How to prescribe for effective detoxification of heavy metals, histamine, amines & other toxins
  • Why phase iii detoxification may be the missing piece in the puzzle & how to activate it.

2. Women's Health
Resolving hormonal, HPA & circadian complaints in women
With today’s modern frantic pace, female clients often present as stressed, overwhelmed, and out-of-tune with their body’s hormonal and circadian cycles. This causes symptoms of hormonal imbalance, insomnia and many other chronic health complaints.

  • How to get your client’s hormones & mood back on track fast!
  • The latest research linking female hormones, circadian rhythms & sleep
  • The 5 key underlying drivers of any hormonal condition
  • How to successfully treat conditions of oestrogen dominance such as fibroids, breast issues, PMS & endometriosis.

3. Immune Resilience
Building immune resilience at the genetic level
It is no secret, we are seeing more and more patients whose immune systems are weakened, dysfunctional and clearly confused. As health practitioners, we all have our favourite ‘immune’ nutrients and herbs, but what do we do when these no longer work?

  • Why successful prescribing for both chronic & acute immune dysfunction is so important
  • Effective strategies to resolve stealth infections, persistent infections & biofilms
  • How to address immune resilience at the genetic level.

Cost dates & Venues
Price (incl GST): $75 Expires 9th August.  Regular: $90  To Register Click Here

Canberra: Sunday 10th September
Tweed Heads: Thursday 14th September
Townsville: Saturday 16th September
Geelong: Tuesday 19th September
Hobart: Wednesday 20th September

Time:  9:30am - 4:00pm CPE: 6 points accredited & recognised by ASBRM, ANPA & CMA


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Mitochondrial dysfunction is the unconsidered underlying factor in many common chronic diseases that face modern society.

These include:

  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Cognitive Decline
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Chronic Infections
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Autism
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This webinar will expand your knowledge beyond the viewpoint that mitochondria is solely involved with ATP production. Learn the physiological role that mitochondria play systemically from an evolutionary perspective, to consequently understand their involvement in complex chronic illnesses.

Expand your understanding beyond simple nutritional interventions, to new concepts at the forefront of mitochondrial health. Learn to link the complex connections between the microbiome, innate immunity, oxidative shielding and the cell danger response.

Join Dr Christabelle Yeoh,MBBS (London), MRCP (UK), MSc (Nutrition) an active director of the Australasian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM), as she delivers expert knowledge on the most recent developments in mitochondrial health.

Dr Yeoh graduated from medicine at the University of London in 1999 and has obtained her membership with the Royal College of Physicians (UK). She has a Masters degree in Nutrition from King’s College London. After practising hospital medicine, she worked as a physician in the field of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine at Breakspear Medical Group in Hertfordshire, UK.

Cost including GST $30
Webinar on Demand 24/7 from 18th September to 13th October.  
Running time 60 min.

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The Treatment of Thyroid disease, other Autoimmune disorders and Male Fertility with Chinese Medicine By Peter Kington

ADELAIDE – Sunday, 24th September, 8:30am – 4:45pm     

To Book: Acuneeds Australia 1800 678 789/ 03 9562 8198 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Metagenics Clinical practice

In the past few years, new terms have entered the Natural Medicine vernacular, bringing both excitement about novel treatment frontiers and confusion or overwhelm. Fields such as nutrigenomics, metagenomics, proteomics and transcriptomics are hot topics within research, but what does this mean for clinical practice? This seminar will explore the clinical relevance of the current “omic” era and determine what constitutes meaningful personalised medicine.

Since the turn of the 21st century, scientists have mapped the entire human genome, developed sophisticated tools that measure gene transcription and identified the microorganisms which form our microbiome. These advances have heralded a new era of medicine, where capturing and synthesising large amounts of previously inaccessible data hints at the ability to make more precise and personalised prescriptions. However, in some areas these advances have yet to transpire into clear clinical benefits. Practitioners are challenged with discerning which tools are worth adopting and which are too early in their infancy to apply practically. In this seminar you will be guided through the key aspects of personalised medicine and provided with clear strategies on how to incorporate this emerging phase of Natural Medicine into clinical practice.

Why you should attend:

Incorporate the Latest Science into Your Clinical Practice:
• Understand how “omics” are applied to screening and management of life stages, such as pregnancy and disease states, including cardiometabolic disease and mood dysfunction.
• Determine which factors have the biggest effect on your patient's phenotype, allowing them to get the best return on their therapeutic investment.
• Learn how the environment or ‘exposome’ impacts your patient’s genetic expression, and when and how to implement a personalised detoxification.
• Find out which genes and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) really influence your patient's wellbeing and how best to support their genotype.
• Discover key nutrients that enhance gene expression and determine which diets best suit your patient’s phenotype.

Effective and Scientifically Validated Clinical Applications:
• The Metagenics Clinical Detoxification Program addresses systemic health and underlying drivers of disease.
• New, innovative and scientifically researched probiotic formulations for all life stages, including early microbiome influence.
• Prescribe extensively researched supplements to optimise genetic expression.

Your Seminar Attendance Includes:
• A certificate of attendance and a fully referenced, comprehensive seminar manual.
• Detailed treatment protocols.
• Technical product information.
• New Metagenics clinic support tools to assist you in providing the best natural healthcare for your patients.
• A healthy and delicious meal* - a great opportunity to chat with the presenter and network with other Practitioners.
*Meal available for seminar attendees only.

ANGELA CARROLL AdvDipHSc(Nat), AdvDipHSc(Acu), NFMC, AdvDipBus
ANDREW THURGOOD BHSc(Nat), BA(Hons), DipHerbMed, DipIrid, DipMass

Telephone Bookings 1800777648 or Click here to register online

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Well Woman is an All Day Symposium (7 CPE) that will look at the multi-generational view of women’s reproductive, emotional & mental health.  Bio-Practica has brought together expert International & Australian speakers including; Professor Jürgen Vormann, Rachel Arthur, Vanessa Hitch & Dr Thomas Harris.

Part 1:  The latest evidence of mineral imbalance in disease & effects of female reproductive health
PRESENTER: Professor Jürgen Vormann, international speaker & world expert on magnesium & pH.
The risk of mineral imbalance for a woman throughout her life-span is profound and may a ect a myriad of female hormonal disorders. As we age and consume an acidogenic, minerally-depleted western diet, our mineral stores diminish, leaving us metabolically challenged, acidic and depleted in energy and vitality.  Research is now linking mineral disturbances in magnesium and pH, to wide-ranging endocrine and metabolic dysfunction, stress, weight gain, ageing, poor brain function, metabolic syndrome and even cardiovascular disease.

  • NEW RESEARCH on the metabolic impact of hidden mineral imbalances. 
  • The evidence outlining diets that really work for obesity.
  • Important recent global research on healthy pregnancy.

Part 2:  Acid-base balance for women in coping with stress & metabolic challenges
PRESENTER: Rachel Arthur, e
xpert naturopath.
Often our female patients, who are mothers and partners, present last in our clinics. They’ve sent in their children & partner long before they’ve found the time and recognised the necessity of addressing their own health – their stress, their weight issues, their autoimmunity & invariably their progression towards poor bone health. The modern woman spins many plates which means, whatever we ask her to do in terms of making healthy changes, must have the right balance of minimal effort with maximal impact. Whether it is back pain, autoimmunity, sleep problems, detoxification issues or just every day stress, correcting acid-base balance is central to producing the ‘Well Woman’ and in turn goes a long way to helping the whole family.

  • Look at key body clues that acidosis may be manifesting in our female clients’ health picture
  • Help clients understand the magnitude of the positive impact we can expect from redressing this imbalance
  • Clinically address acid base imbalance as a critical determinant of health with a profound therapeutic ripple effect.

Part 3:  Mood, anxiety & female hormones
PRESENTER: Vanessa Hitch
, Hormonal health expert & naturopath
It’s not just our neurotransmitters but also our hormones that determine how we think and feel. They powerfully influence a woman’s mood, how she is motivated, her eating patterns, sleep cycles, ability to concentrate and every aspect of her wellbeing. Australian & New Zealand women are more likely to experience symptoms such as depression, insomnia & anxiety, as well as a wide array of female hormonal conditions.

  • Vital new research changing the way we look at the brain and hormones
  • Why mood is so profoundly affected by the glandular production of hormones
  • How to quickly recognise and prescribe for hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances.

Part 4:  Receptor sensitivity, stress & inflammation in hormonal health
PRESENTER: Dr Thomas Harris, PhD researcher & clinician
Emerging research suggests that hormones and neurotransmitters share not only common pathways but importantly, they also share common receptor sites in vital areas of the brain and key reproductive organs and tissues in the body. The implications of receptor sensitivity and function, adds another level of complexity to our understanding of hormones and mood and needs to be properly recognised, so we can prescribe accordingly for better clinical outcomes.

  • Key pathways including the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal and adrenal axes and their interplay affecting hormonal health
  • Evidence of the impact of stress hormones and inflammation on receptor function
  • NEW TREATMENT STRATEGIES for improving receptor function for progesterone, insulin and other key hormone

 Dates:  11th to 19th October. Cost (incl GST), A$120 or Book early by 19th July A$75 or by 30th August A$90.   Click here for dates, venues and to Register



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Leading industry experts and well respected Practitioners will be coming to the 2017 Integria Healthcare Symposium to share their clinical insights with you. They will also discuss their perspectives on how to best combine modern science and traditional knowledge to support gastrointestinal health and provide optimal patient care.

This year’s Integria Healthcare Symposium is designed to help further your practical knowledge and promises to be truly inspiring!

Join us for this special event and help take your knowledge and skills as a Practitioner to the next level!

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For assistance registering for this event, please contact the Integria Healthcare Educational Events Department. Phone: 1300 654 336 Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date and Location:
Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October at Hilton Sydney, 488 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000


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 Better IVF Outcomes with Chinese Medicine By Peter Kington

SYDNEY – Sunday, 22nd October, 9:00am – 1:00pm              

To Book: China Books Sydney 1300 661 484/ 02 9280 1885 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Resetting Addicted Brain Bioconcepts

With 60% of the population experiencing addictive tendencies behavioural or substance related, it is imperative for health practitioners to understand the underlying biochemical pathways of addiction as a disease state.

While different substances can stimulate specific neurotransmitters within the brain, by understanding the fundamental pathway of addiction, practitioners can treat a variety of different presentations. Due to the increase in addictive presentations in clinics – ranging from food cravings, social media and internet addictions to alcohol, cannabis and illicit drug dependencies – further support for practitioners in this area of health is essential.  As a society, are we driving our dopamine reward pathway into disarray?

Join Dr Michael Osiecki and Emma Wisbey as they explore the neurobiology of the brain-reward cascade; the significant impact of genetic, epigenetic and environmental influences; and how this knowledge can help practitioners influence positive clinical outcomes.

Dr Michael Osiecki PhD, BE(Chemical), BBiotech(Hons). Dr Michael Osiecki is a Director of Bio Concepts, who has been diversifying the business through technology for the past year. Prior to this, Dr Michael Osiecki received his doctorate for research in the field of biological engineering, specialising in isolation and expansion of stem cells in bioreactor systems.

Henry Osiecki B.Sc. (Hons), Post Grad Dip. Nutrition & Dietetics, Owner & Founder of Bio Concepts. Henry is passionate about practitioner education in nutritional medicine and the healthcare industry. Henry has published a number of textbooks on nutrition including The Nutrient Bible and Cancer: The Importance of Clinical Nutrition. He also spent time as a research scientist and published a number of scientific papers in peer reviewed journals. Henry has been an integral part of the development and success of this company, helping Bio Concepts to be the first to bring a number of key nutrients into the Australian market such as CoQ10, Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-L- Carnitine...Find out more about Henry here.

Emma Wisbey Adv. Dip.Applied. Sc. (Naturopathy). Emma graduated from the Southern School of Natural Therapies in 1997. She has since enjoyed a career as a naturopath for almost 20 years. She has vast experience in various areas including education, practitioner support, lecturing, writing and private clinical practice.

Your registration includes:

  • Comprehensive seminar from two presenters
  • Additional Clinical Tool Materials
  • Hard copy seminar notes booklet
  • Exclusive specials on featured products
  • CPE certificate
  • Meal provided on arrival

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BRISBANE 29th October at Riverview Hotel
Early Bird Price $85.00 (sale ends 31st July 2017) 4 CPE Points. Standard Price $110.00 (1st August onwards) 4 CPE Points
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Early Bird Price $45.00 (sale ends 31st July 2017) 3 CPE Points. Standard Price $60.00 (1st August onwards) 3 CPE Points

Eagle Quenching the fire

New Solutions for Inflammation Management - Click here to register

In Australia, and throughout the Western world, we are facing an epidemic of health problems with inflammation identified as an underlying driver. There are more than 3.5 million Australian’s suffering with inflammatory arthritis, and this number is expected to jump to more than 7 million by 2050. There are also many more suffering overt and underlying inflammatory conditions affecting other body systems. Not only does the inflammation drive the progression of these diseases, but is also a significant contributor to pain and loss of quality of life.

Standard management and often self-selected management involves the use of prescription and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories. There is also a growing body of evidence supporting the efficacy of specific herbs and nutrients that directly target inflammation and can be employed in the management of health conditions where inflammation is present.

Curcumin is one of the most commonly prescribed supplements for inflammation. Teneille will explore whether there are key herbs and nutritional prescriptions that complement its use in the management of pain and inflammation. Learn about new research demonstrating the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of the two herbs Baical Skullcap and Catechu. You may be interested in learning about the essential functional pathology and genomic tests that can be employed to identify whether your patient is suffering with inflammation now or their risk for future inflammatory conditions.

By participating in this webinar you will gain an understanding of how strategic prescription of key herbs and nutrients can effectively manage your patients’ pain and inflammation. You will advance your understanding of the underlying drivers of pain and inflammation. You will also learn about simple and effective dietary and lifestyle prescriptions to reduce inflammation and improve patient quality of life. Register today!

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a deeper appreciation of the true impact of inflammatory health conditions.
  • Learn about key functional pathology and genomic testing to assess your patients’ current state of inflammation and inflammatory risk.
  • Discover powerful new therapeutic options designed to provide targeted management of painful inflammatory conditions for the best possible outcomes for your patients.
  • Advance your clinical expertise in the prescription of specific dietary and lifestyle strategies to effectively target inflammation based on your patient’s individual health needs.


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Supporting Men’s Health and Improving Male Fertility with Chinese Medicine By Peter Kington

MELBOURNE – Sunday, 12th November, 9:00am – 1:00pm                                       

To Book: China Book 1800 448 855/ 03 9663 8822 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BioCeuticals dRIVERS OF cA LOGO

This seminar will provide an overview of cancer as the result of a confluence of multiple factors. The process of carcinogenesis will be assessed as one influenced by both extrinsic systemic conditions as well as by intrinsic cellular aberrations. Armed with this holistic understanding,
practitioners will be equipped to identify individual risk factors and will have the underlying rationale for comprehensive prevention and management strategies.
Learning objectives:

• Identify the key characteristics of malignancy on genetic, epigenetic, biomolecular and the pathophysiological levels
• Discover the role of stromal inflammation in carcinogenesis
• Analyse the complex role of immunity and angiogenesis in carcinogenesis
• Describe the role of insulin, glucose and metabolism in carcinogenesis
• Analyse the role of oxidative stress in carcinogenesis with an emphasis on the contribution of environmental toxicity
• Evaluate the impact of psychosocial stress and circadian disturbance on carcinogenesis
• Gain familiarity with the presentation of cancer and presenting signs and symptoms that should trigger a diagnostic work-up

About Lise Alschuler ND FABNO
Lise Alschuler is a naturopathic doctor with board certification in naturopathic oncology and has been practicing since 1994. She graduated from Brown University with an undergraduate degree in Medical Anthropology and received a doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine
from Bastyr University. Dr Alschuler is past-President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and a founding board member and current President of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She is a sought-after speaker for professional audiences on various subjects within integrative healthcare and she is the Executive Director of TAP Integrative, a nonprofit educational resource for integrative practitioners.
Dr Alschuler is the co-founder of Five To Thrive, LLC., which has developed the iTHRIVE Plan SaaS mobile web application that creates customised wellness plans for cancer survivors. She maintains a naturopathic oncology practice out of Naturopathic Specialists, based in Scottsdale AZ.
Dr Alschuler is the co-author of The Definitive Guide to Cancer and The Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer

CLICK HERE for Dates & Locations