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MediHerb, Mitochondrial Therapy, SA,VIC,TAS
BioCeuticals 6th Research Symposium, Melbourne

Metagenics Webinar, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
BioConcepts, Mastering the Great Deceiver, SA,VIC
MediHerb, Mitochondrial Therapy, NT,QLD,WA,NEL,AUCK,WGTN,CHCH

MediHerb, Mitochondrial Therapy, ACT, NSW
MediHerb Webinar, Rising Osteoarthritis Prevalence
bWellness, Chiropractic Nutritional Adjunct Update NSW
Bio-Practica Methylation and Mood, SA, WA, QLD, VIC, NZ, NSW
BioConcepts, Mastering the Great Deceiver, QLD,ACT,VIC,TAS,NSW,WA

Eagle, Digestive Harmony, VIC,NSW,QLD

Australian Naturopathic Summit 2018, 3 Day Festival of Naturopathy, NSW

Integria Healthcare Symposium 2018,QLD

MediHerb Mitochondrial logo

The role of mitochondria as major contributors to health and disease is being increasingly recognized.

Besides energy production, mitochondria have been implicated in various physiologic processes in relation to the specialized duties of the differentiated cell in which it resides.

These non-ATP-related functions are intimately involved with most of the major metabolic pathways used by a cell and therefore, damage to mitochondria can have widespread consequences affecting entire organ systems.

Mitochondrial dysfunction results in symptoms that are common complaints in almost every chronic disease, underlining the importance of supporting healthy mitochondrial function.

This comprehensive seminar series will enhance your understanding of the role of mitochondria in a host of conditions and provide clinically relevant information and treatment guidelines.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Five functions of mitochondria besides energy production
  • Mitochondrial vulnerabilities and the fundamental sensors and pathways involved in mitochondrial regulation and protection
  • Essential features of mitochondrial therapy, including the role of key herbs and the latest related clinical research for key nutrients
  • The crucial role of minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium in mitochondrial function and understanding the current metallomics of iron to determine effective therapies for mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Receptor polymorphisms of the mitochondrial membrane and altered biological function
  • The four pillars of cellular vitality and the nine hallmarks of ageing
  • Applying cellular principles to prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and promoting healthy ageing as a strategy for chronic disease prevention.

Investment, incl GST:  Practitioners A$80, Students A$64
Dates:  21st April to 3rd June.  Time: 10.00am to 4.30pm

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MediHerb Rising Osteoarthritis logo

In Australia over 2 million people suffer from osteoarthritis (OA), with two thirds comprising of women. The increased prevalence and severity of post-industrial OA suggests a more progressive complex condition and causation than previously thought. If we as practitioners are to offer sufferers of OA optimal support, we need to continually review current knowledge and how natural medicine approaches fit in.

In this webinar Berris will discuss and interpret some interesting current theory and recent research, which will improve your knowledge and ensure more effective clinical outcomes for your patients. The presentation will review:

  • Modifiable risk factors which are by no means limited to intrinsic factors such as age, sex, joint loading, BMI and genetics, but also ‘modern’ disease and inadequate adaptation to our current environment, as described by the Mismatch Theory
  • Inflammation, oxidative stress, endothelial dysfunction, advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and cardiometabolic disease
  • Reappraisal of dietary and lifestyle patterns
  • Herbal and nutritional strategies to:
    • address known drivers
    • reduce pain
    • increase mobility
    • improve prevention
    • reduce severity 

This educational event is recognised for 1.5 contact learning hours. Please contact your individual association to apply for CPE points.

Date and Time:  13th June at 6.30pm AEST  Click Here to Register

Chiropractic Seminar logo

This seminar will address widespread dietary imbalances and deficiencies that have the potential to profoundly affect treatment outcomes in the chiropractic practice.

  • Discover how our modern diet induces magnesium deficiencies & creates risk factors for various diseases.
  • Learn why magnesium & acid-base balance are vital for musculoskeletal health & pain management.
  • Learn strategies to assist in reducing pain & inflammation through pH regulation & mineral therapy.
  • Understand the connection between pain intensity & pH.

Chiropractic Nutrition Update:
Presented by Rachel Arthur BHSc. BNat (Hons) MNHAA. Rachel Arthur is a respected and widely published Australian nutritionist & naturopath specialising in integrative nutrition. With over 20 years’ experience in both the clinic and the classroom, Rachel has become one of Australia’s leading nutritional educators, delivering post-graduate training and mentoring to allied health care professionals and doctors.  She is regularly asked to speak at key conferences, such as those organised by MINDD, ACNEM & AIMA, contributes work to authoritative texts including all four editions of the award-winning text ‘Herbs & Natural Supplements – An Evidence Based Guide (Elsevier)’, while continuing to keep active in private practice.  Rachel’s ongoing enthusiasm for education and the industry make her presentations both inspiring and empowering experiences for attendees, attracting extraordinary feedback.

This nutrition update will cover:

  • Why both acidosis and magnesium deficiencies are so widespread in the context of the Standard Australian Diet.
  • How acid base imbalance negatively affects the musculoskeletal system, from a nutritional physiology perspective, causing losses of vital nutrients, such as magnesium, calcium and nitrogen.
  • The specific interplay between acidosis and treatment of refractory magnesium deficiency.

Chiropractic Specific Prescribing
Presented by Dr. Bill Stathoulis, opractor, NET Level 2 Certified, SOT Level 1, Certified, Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics, Foundation  Training (Student) Certified Dr Bill Stathoulis completed his Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University in 1993 and has since run a highly successful private practice in North Sydney. Bill also has advanced training in the Sacro-Occipital Technique and paediatric neurology and neurodevelopment. Level 2 certified in Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.), he has been a coach and examiner for the certification exam in the United States for over ten years. Bill’s approach to musculoskeletal health, coupled with his understanding of the influence of stress and nutrition, delivers real results for his clients. He has always incorporated the use of supplements and nutrition as an adjunct to enhance patient care and outcomes.

In this presentation, you will be provided with clinically relevant prescribing tips, including what to use, how much and the optimal time for supplementation for the following:

  • Bone health
  • Muscular health and pain management
  • Connective tissue health
  • Overall pain management
  • Optimal neurological care and signalling
  • The spectrum of female reproductive health, including pregnancy care.

Cost (inc GST) A$190 from 14th June or A$115 prior to 2nd May, A$155 prior to 13th June.
Date 10th July 6.00- 9.30pm
CPE 3 points. To Register: or ph 61 8 81308700

Metagenics Mast Cell logo

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: The Missing Link Of Chronic Disease?

Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) is a chronic multisystem polymorbidity with a prevalence as high as 5% to 10%, yet this condition is under-recognised and poorly understood. Patients with MCAS can have a seemingly endless list of triggers and can also experience symptoms of allergy, chronic pain, neuropsychiatric conditions, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome, amongst others. By the time patients are diagnosed with MCAS, most have been through extensive testing often revealing normal results, and have been provided with multiple explanations for their multi-symptom presentation, causing isolation and emotional burden.

Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) is a chronic multisystem polymorbidity with a prevalence as high as 5% to 10%, yet this condition is under-recognised and poorly understood. Patients with MCAS can have a seemingly endless list of triggers and can also experience symptoms of allergy, chronic pain, neuropsychiatric conditions, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome, amongst others. By the time patients are diagnosed with MCAS, most have been through extensive testing often revealing normal results, and have been provided with multiple explanations for their multi-symptom presentation, causing isolation and emotional burden.

In this webinar, learn how to identify patients with MCAS using case history and validated testing, and explore how natural therapies can address the drivers of this often debilitating condition.

Learn the latest science and clinical application of immunology:

  • Explore the pathophysiology of this newly recognised condition: mast cell activation syndrome.
  • Learn how aberrant mast cell activation may be an underappreciated driver of neuropsychiatric conditions.
  • Discover how to identify this nebulous condition, using thorough case taking and evidence based testing.
  • Understand how natural therapies can address the drivers of inappropriate mast cell activation and support patients with mast cell activation syndrome.

Webinar notes and materials will be emailed to your nominated email address prior to the live webinar. The webinar content will be available online for 30 days following the live session. You will need to register prior to the live webinar to gain access to the recording.

Date & Cost:
Wednesday 9th May. 
Cost:  $35.00 (incl GST).  Students free

To register, look out for the invite in your email inbox.  For more information, contact your Area Sales Manager or Customer Service on 1800 777 648 (AUS) or 0508 227 744 (NZ).


BioConcepts Mastering Logo

The gallbladder is commonly called “the great deceiver’’

Discover how this organ, once compromised, becomes a central cause in the development of many modern chronic diseases, from SIBO to Pyrrole Disorders. Learn how to connect the dots between this organ and its impact on many other systems. Obtain new clinical insights and treatment strategies to optimise patient outcomes.

We all face those “popular conditions’’ that we feel we have effective protocols for treatment, however as time passes we realise the patient is not progressing as we would expect. Uncover the underlying “basics” needed to effectively treat multifactorial chronic conditions.  The liver, gallbladder and bile ducts form a complex, intricate network so it is little wonder the Hepatobiliary system plays a significant role in chronic diseases. Discover the complexities of gallbladder function and optimal digestion and how they impact SIBO Pyrrole Disorder, methylation, immune regulation and mitochondrial dysregulation, just to name a few.

Join Elizma Lambert in connecting the dots as she navigates the complexities of the Hepatobiliary system, addressing primary triggers, secondary effects and complex conditions. Harness targeted support for your patients and improve your clinical outcomes.  Elizma graduated as a qualified Naturopath and Homeopath in 2002. Since then, she has completed extensive post graduate education in nutrigenomics, gastrointestinal health, adrenal health and autoimmune diseases. She is a key presenter worldwide, speaking at several national and international conferences and is a regular guest on renowned wellness podcasts. Further areas of expertise include organic acid testing and interpretations which has led to her involvement in several large projects. Specific areas of interest include mitochondrial dysfunction, nutrigenomics and complex multifactorial conditions. Other passions include treating auto-immunity, digestive disorders, Autism, mental health, Metabolic Syndrome, Fatty Liver Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Mould Biotoxin Illness, thyroid and hormone abnormalities. Elizma brings a unique perspective and understanding when dealing with the complexities of chronic health conditions. She helps practitioners connect the intricate dots to effectively treat the underlying cause.

Concepts to be explored:

  • Discover the complex, intricate network of the Hepatobiliary system and the broad clinical presentations involved. 
  • Triggers for Hepatobiliary dysfunction, including methylation, dietary influences, hypothalamic-pituitaryadrenal axis and nervous system dysfunction.
  • Understand the complex cellular impact of Hepatobiliary dysfunction upon Pyrrole disorder, mitochondrial dysfunction, toxin accumulation, chronic inflammation and the development of chronic disease.
  • Discover the basics that are often missed and how this improves successful treatment in complex chronic presentations. 

Learn how to:

  • Support a vast range of complex chronic diseases and their relationship with the Hepatobiliary system.
  • Broaden your perspective to target specific primary and secondary triggers through a range of practical measures.
  • Master core clinical applications for optimal Hepatobiliary functioning and systemic health through nutritional and herbal support.
  • Evaluate underlying factors and maximise your clinical approaches through specific targeted actions.

To Register E.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , T. 07 3868 0699,   
Click here
for dates (May to June) and Venues

Eagle Digestive Logo

This seminar focuses on clinical management of Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD/GERD) and Non-erosive reflux disease (NERD). Approximately 11.6 % of the Australian population suffer diagnosed reflux conditions. This does not include the undiagnosed in our communities. Gastro-oesophageal diseases are on the rise driven by poor food choices, stress and certain medications.

Use of both prescription and OTC medications to manage the symptoms of GORD, reflux and heartburn are at epidemic proportions with more than 15 million annual prescriptions of the proton-pump inhibitors (PPI’s) esomeprazole and pantoprazole, plus additional OTC PPI use.

Resulting from both the diseases themselves and their conventional treatments, are a myriad of potential nutritional deficiencies and the possibility of more serious health risks. Recovering patient health by addressing the underlying broad mechanisms of the disease is not only essential, but alleviates the pain suffered and attenuates health risks.

Do you know how to effectively prescribe key CAM therapies to address the underlying drivers of your patient’s complex upper GIT diseases and minimise their risk of further complications? Are you confident in the concomitant prescription of CAM, dietary and lifestyle interventions alongside orthodox management to provide symptomatic relief and enhance patient outcomes?

Our speaker, Teresa Mitchell-Paterson will share vital insights of successful clinical therapy and patient cases to advance your clinical expertise in the management of upper GIT dysfunction. Dietary intervention and co-administration of CAM alongside medications will be discussed to optimise outcomes for your patient’s digestive health and overall wellbeing.  

Cost (incl GST), Dates & Venues:

Practitioners A$50, Students A$40

1st July Sofitel, 25 Collins St Melbourne
7th July Sofital 61-101 Phillip St Sydney
8th July Pullman, King George Sq, Cn Ann & Roma Sts Brisbane

Register today!

This educational event is recognised for 3 contact learning hours. Please contact your individual association to apply for CPE points.

Bio Practica Methylation Mood logo

The Methylation & Mood seminar presented by Vanessa Hitch & Paul Kern is a practical seminar where participants will discover:

  • Why the gut-brain link needs to be addressed for successful mood prescribing
  • How inflammation and oxidative stress directly affect neurotransmitter metabolism, prescribing techniques to quickly get our clients’ moods and energy back on track
  • How to improve your clients’ moods & reduce anxiety by addressing methylation & glutamate pathways
  • Methylation myth-busters—what’s really going on with popular SNPs, such as MTHFR, CBS, COMT, GAD, MAO, and discover nutritional work-arounds that really work.

A practical seminar where participants will discover

  • Why the gut-brain link needs to be addressed for successful mood prescribing
  • Nutrigenomics 101 and how it can make our prescribing more effective than ever
  • The importance of pH balance & detoxification as a key part in nutrigenomic prescribing
  • How to effectively improve your clients’ adaptive resilience and future proof them from the harmful effects of stress
  • How to improve your clients’ moods & reduce anxiety by addressing methylation & glutamate pathways
  • How inflammation and oxidative stress directly affect neurotransmitter metabolism, prescribing techniques to quickly get our clients’ moods and energy back on track
  • Nervous system phenotypes, the worrier vs the warrior, and how methylation genes, such as COMT, play a key role in everything from anxiety to addiction
  • Why so many clients are plagued with dysfunctional nutrient pathways, such as low iron, vitamin D, zinc, magnesium and B vitamins, and why nutrigenomic prescribing may be the solution
  • Methylation myth-busters—what’s really going on with popular SNPs, such as MTHFR, CBS, COMT, GAD, MAO, and discover nutritional work-arounds that really work.

Dates & Cost:

SA, Adelaide: Tuesday 12th June
WA, Perth: Wednesday, 13th June
QLD, Brisbane: Thursday, 14th June 
VIC, Melbourne: Thursday, 21st June
NZ, Auckland: Saturday, 23rd June
NSW, Sydney: Monday, 25th June

Cost: A$65 Valid until Friday, 16th March thereafter A$110
Time: 6pm - 9.30pm (AU) 1pm - 4.30pm (NZ)

CPE: 3 points accredited & recognised by CMA & ANPA

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BioCeuticals Symposium

As our scientific understanding grows, and new dimensions of healthcare emerge, the need for continued practitioner development is essential to provide the best in patient care.

BioCeuticals is proud to have confirmed the following Renowned Keynote Speakers:
Dr Amy Myers MD (USA). Dr Myers is a specialist in autoimmune diseases whose career was set in motion by her own experience dealing with autoimmune issues. Dr Myers graduated cum laude from the Honors College at the University of South Carolina and earned her medical degree at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. After completing her residency in emergency medicine at the University of Maryland, she underwent certification training with The Institute for Functional Medicine and founded the nationally renowned functional medicine center, Austin UltraHealth. Here she currently serves as its medical director. Dr Myers is a two times New York Times Bestselling author of The Autoimmune Solution and The Thyroid Connection.

Dr Elisa Song, MD (USA),  Holistic paediatrician specialising in autoimmunity, anxiety and OCD. Dr Song founded Whole Child Wellness in 2005 (which became Whole Family Wellness in 2013, with a mission to create a nurturing environment that integrates allopathic and natural medicine customised to each unique child, in order to help children thrive to their fullest potentials. She has a special interest in providing integrative care for children with complex medical issues, including autism, ADHD, asthma, autoimmune illness, eczema, failure to thrive, food allergies/sensitivities, reflux, inflammatory bowel disease and other gastrointestinal disorders, seizures and other neurological disorders, and environmental illness.

Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD FRCP(Hon.) (Israel). Researcher, clinician and author of more than 1700 papers specialising in the nutritional and microbial aspects of autoimmune disease. Prof. Shoenfeld is the founder and head of the Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases, at the Sheba Medical Center which is affiliated to the Sackler Faculty of Medicine in Tel-Aviv University, in Israel.He is the Incumbent of the Laura Schwarz-Kipp Chair for Research of Autoimmune Diseases at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, and is on the editorial board of 43 journals in the field of rheumatology and autoimmunity.

Dr Terry Wahls, MD (USA), Clinical professor of medicine and author of The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine.As clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa, Dr Wahls is responsible for conducting clinical trials. She is also a patient with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, which confined her to a tilt-recline wheelchair for four years. Dr Wahls restored her health using a diet and lifestyle program she designed specifically for her brain and now pedals her bike to work each day.

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ANS Logo 2018

The Australian Naturopathic Summit (ANS) came in response to a need to unite and strengthen the Australian naturopathic community and increase the skill, knowledge, competence and confidence in the practice of naturopathic medicine.

The ANS is a fiercely independent conference representing and celebrating naturopathic medicine. The conference is aimed at Australian naturopathic professionals and those with an interest in naturopathic medicine.

ANS 2018 is a 3-day festival of naturopathy, held in the beautiful seaside town of Lennox Head NSW from 24 August to 26 August 2018. Our purpose is to represent, unite and empower Australian Naturopaths and we do this by delivering unbiased naturopathic education and showcasing the talent, diversity and resilience within the naturopathic community.

On Common Ground|
ANS 2018 brings Naturopaths together on common ground, to learn, grow and connect back to the principles of naturopathic medicine and core Naturopathic philosophy.

ANS 2018 is a festival and is all about celebrating the Naturopathic profession and community for their grit, determination, passion, diversity and professionalism. As a special part of our celebrations we have the Gala Ball, ANS Awards and candle lighting ceremony.

Our aim is for attendees to experience the best of their profession at ANS 2018. Our program is jam packed with the highest standard of naturopathic education, delivered through inspiring speakers, workshops and activities across the themes of vitalism, clinical upskilling and business success.

ANS 2018 is about sharing stories, supporting each other and hanging out with like-minded people, with ample opportunities for networking, mentoring and collaboration. Through sharing stories, we lay the foundations of the naturopathic tribe and reconnect people with their passion and purpose.

At its core, the ANS 2018 focusses on how to create a healthy internal and external environment, for our patients, ourselves, our business and our community, so that we can achieve abundance and balance in our professional and personal life.

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 Integria Healthcare Symp Banner

The 2018 Integria Healthcare Symposium brings you leading Australian and International industry experts in Environmental Toxicity and Detoxification. Join us as they discuss their perspectives on how toxins adversely affect multiple body systems, blending science with their clinical insights and how to effectively minimise exposure to toxins whilst maximising the body’s own detoxification capabilities. We look forward to seeing you there.

Keynote presenters include:

  • Dr Joseph Pizzorno  pioneer in integrative medicine and founder of Bastyr University.
  • Dr Walter J Crinnion – foremost expert in the field of environmental medicine and advocate for natural medicines for detoxification.
  • Prof Kerry Bone – co-founder of MediHerb and internationally acclaimed phytotherapy expert.

Places are limited and we expect this landmark event to sell out, so register today with Super Early Bird price and secure your place!

Venue: Brisbane Sofitel Central
Date: Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October

Click here to register