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Bio-Practica Webinar, A Systems Biology Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorders

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When Microbes Move In: Spotlight on SIBO and Gut-Dwelling Pathogens
Unlike the general population, Natural Healthcare Practitioners have an intimate relationship with gastrointestinal related vernacular...

‘How long have you had diarrhoea?’
‘Tell me about your stools; what colour are they? Is there any undigested food?'
'Do they float or sink?’

Despite our familiarity with this organ, it doesn’t mean resolving gut complaints is simple.

A myriad of issues can occur along the path to digest, extract, absorb and expel; and in this webinar, we examine two common, yet complex causes of gastrointestinal complaints - small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and intestinal parasites.

This webinar will provide an updated overview of the SIBO landscape, fascinating insights into common parasites and help guide your decision-making and treatment plans for patients with persistent gut complaints.

  • Receive an update on what emerging research is telling us about SIBO.
  • Learn about the underlying causes of SIBO.
  • Gain insight into the relevance of methane, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide in SIBO.
  • Explore the most common parasites responsible for gastrointestinal complaints.
  • Receive research-based and clinically informed treatment goals and considerations.

Your Presenter: Nicholas Breen BHSc(Nut. Med) AdDipNat. Nick holds a Bachelor of Health Science in nutritional medicine and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy. He worked as a Nutritionist and Naturopath in both retail and clinical settings for a number of years, before joining Metagenics in 2016.  Nick has a particular interest in mental health and preventative medicine, and the implementation of accessible, evidence-based strategies for wellness. He is currently a team leader and presenter for the Metagenics Clinical Support team.

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Date: Wednesday 8th April, at 11 am AEST Time, 1 pm NZ Time.  Duration: 1 hour

 Bio Practica The Molecular circadian clock

Presented by: Paul Kern
In this webinar you will learn:
• Why sleep architecture is so important for our healing, repair and psychological integration
• Natural medicines to re-establish healthy circadian biology

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Eagle webinar pain management

The Eagle team would like to invite you to join their 'Complexities of Pain Management: ALIAmide Pain Theory and Clinical Applications of PEA' On-Demand webinar.  Our understanding of pain and its underlying mechanisms is still evolving, and pain management for patients has relied heavily on the use of anti-inflammatories, opioids and other analgesics, all of which pose significant risk of complications.

Arguably regarded as the leading Australian expert on PEA, Dr Elizabeth Steels has been conducting clinical trials on PEA, as well as prescribing PEA in clinic for over 6 years. She will also share her insights into the history of ALIAmides, the pharmacokinetics of PEA and the use of PEA for chronic pain conditions.

Learn how to confidently prescribe PEA effectively for management of chronic pain and inflammatory conditions.

Speaker Dr Elizabeth Steels Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, PhD, BSc(Hon), GradDip(Nutri), GradCert(Ed).  Elizabeth is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Dept of Medicine Sydney University, NSW, and at the University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD. She is a biochemist and clinical nutritionist with over 20 years’ experience in drug trial research and regulatory affairs.

Investment  (incl GST) Practitioners: A$30.00,  Students: A$24.00
Note: All registrations and payments are handled directly by Integria Healthcare in Australian Dollars

Available on Demand from 8.30am Wednesday 6th May until 5.30 Wednesday 20th May.  
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Bio Practica solving the helicobacter

Presented by: Ruggerio Francavilla
In this webinar you will learn:
• Why H. pylori can become so insidious via ammonium-shielding from even the most potent eradication drugs
• New research on simple and effective methods to help these clients and prevent damage to the gastric lining

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 Bio Practica A Systems Biology Approach

Presented by: Vanessa Hitch
In this webinar you will learn:
• The neuro-immunological link to the gut and how supporting the microbiome can make a difference in ASDs
• How to effectively address mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress using multisystems medicine for ASD patients 

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Integria Symposium

Presented by Practitioners, for Practitioners

Join us for this special event where we bring together internationally and locally acclaimed experts in the fields of Neuroscience, Ayurveda, Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine to share advances in research and clinical insights in women’s health.

Date: Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 October. 
Cost in Aust. dollars and including GST 
Live Event:
 Practitioners: Earlybird, book and pay before 31 July, $495.00 or $595. Students: Earlybird, book and pay before 31 July $396 or $476
Live Stream: Practitioners:  Earlybird, book and pay before 31 July, $299.00 or $349. Students: Earlybird, book and pay before 31 July $239 or $279
Venue:  Sofitel Brisbane Central 249 Turbot Street, Brisbane QLD

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For accomodation discounts for attendees (subject to availability) contact Sofitel Brisbane Central Reservations and quote the booking code  IHC161020. T. 07 3835 3534. E. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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