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BioConcepts, Autoimmunity, Subfertility & The Mitochondria, VIC,TAS,SA,QLD
Eagle webinar, HPA-Immune Dysregulation
Designs for Health Webinar, Understanding GI-Map Tests Results
fxMED, Balancing the Human Microbiome, Auckland NZ
Nutrisearch Webinar, Stress, Cortisol, HPA Axis - A Comprehensive View
BioCeuticals, The Synergistic Application of Herbs & Celloids, SA,WA,NSW,VIC,QLD
Metagenics 2019 International Congress on Natural Medicine QLD
Metagenics Resolving Chronic Inflammation,QLD,NSW,ACT,VIC,TAS,SA,WA,NT,NZ
bWellness BioRegulatory Medicine Level One, VIC, NZ, NSW

BioConcepts NZ, Autoimmunity, Subfertility & The Mitochondria, Auck, Wgtn, Chch
MediHerb Webinar, Disordered Lipid Metabolism

Metagenics, MetaBiome Masters, WA,VIC,NSW.QLD
Bio-Practica, Summit on Ageing, Kidney & Cognitive Health, WA,NSW,QLD,VIC,SA,NZ
BioCeuticals, Holistic Children's Health, VIC,SA,WA,QLD,NSW
MediHerb, Stress and its Impact on Brain Architecture, SA,WA,ACT,NSW,VIC,TAS

MediHerb, Stress and its Impact on Brain Architecture, QLD, NT
Metagenics, MetaBiome Masters, SA
ATMS, Functional GI Symposium, NSW


fxMed Bal Human Microbiome Seminar

Common Dysfunctions of the gut in chronic illness and how to support them by balancing the Microbiome.  All chronic illnesses start or are perpetuated by a dysfunctional gut. Effectively treating these conditions requires a clear understanding of the gut associated pathology driving the disease.

Presenters: Kiran Krishnan, a Research Microbiologist and Tom Bayne, a Chiropractic Physician and Public Speaker.

Part One – The Research by Kiran Krishnan.  A decades worth of microbiome research has elucidated these pathologies and a careful review of the literature reveals potentially effective treatments. In this talk you will learn about the most common dysfunctions of the gut that drives most chronic illnesses we face. You will also learn about the most effective solutions to address these dysfunctions. You will learn how seemingly unrelated disorders can have the same etiology.

Part Two – Clinical Findings by Dr Tom Bayne There are many gut-healing programs available to practitioners, but often times those therapies are incomplete and ineffective. Healing the gut is a multifactorial process that requires several layers of therapy in order to achieve total gut restoration. Find out how you can use Microbiome Labs products to individualize treatment based upon patient history and symptoms.

After this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe how the gut microbiome is involved in various chronic diseases
  • Explain the connection between mucosal inflammation and chronic disease
  • Identify dietary and lifestyle factors that negatively impact the gut microbiome
  • Discuss actionable changes that any person can make to increase diversity of the gut microbiome
  • List nutrients that can significantly repair intestinal barrier functionDescribe the purpose of each layer of the Total Gut Restoration system
  • Explain the standard dosing protocol for the main Total Gut Restoration products
  • Identify conditions or symptoms that may benefit from a customized protocol
  • Discuss various ways of individualizing the Total Gut Restoration system

Cost, Date & Venue:
Cost (incl GST) $75 Practitioners and Student $55. Earlybird $65, ends 10th May. Venue: Crowne Plaza, Auckland New Zealand. Date:  5.30pm on Monday 10th June. Click here to register  or T. 0800439633, E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nutrisearch webinar

What will the Focus be?
Most alternative physicians are aware that the HPA axis is intimately involved in the stress response. The purpose of this presentation is to review how stresses of different types affect the HPA axis in diverse ways according to the type, severity, and duration of the stress. This presentation will not only cover the effects of chronic high and low cortisol, but also the specific illnesses and health conditions that involve high and low cortisol responses to the HPA axis.

Included in this presentation will be a section on successful comprehensive treatment protocols for HPA axis dysfunction in cases with chronically high and chronically low cortisol, ending with a section on how to treat the difficult patient. By the end of this presentation, attendees should have a deeper and clinically relevant understanding of the HPA axis and its involvement in various health conditions along with effective treatment protocols they can use in their own practices.

Presented by: Dr. James Wilson (Ph.D.) James L. Wilson DC, ND, Ph.D. is an American doctor, author, and presenter in the fields of naturopathic medicine and endocrine function, with particular expertise in stress and its impact on health. Dr. Wilson is the physician and researcher who presented adrenal fatigue as a distinct, diagnosable syndrome, coining the term “adrenal fatigue” in 1998.

Dr. Wilson is the Originator and Formulator of Doctors Wilson’s Original Formulations brand dietary supplements, which are targeted to help the body cope with chronic stress. He is the founder of ICA Health, a company that provides these supplements and education about the physiological effects of stress on health professionals. In 2009 he also established the non-profit Health Science Research Foundation to continue research on stress, immune function and other related areas of health.

Dr. Wilson holds three doctorates and two masters degrees, all from different colleges and in different health disciplines. He received his Ph.D. in Human Nutrition from the University of Arizona, with minors in Immunology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, and Toxicology, and research in Cellular Immunology. His additional doctorates are in Chiropractic Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Wilson currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.

Date Tuesday 11th June,  2.00pm - 3.30pm (NZST)
Cost A$59.50 ($49.50 ATMS member)  A$49.50 student ($35.00 ATMS student member)
Click here to register

HPA Immune Dys

Mitigating Stress Toxicity on Immune Function

The impacts of stress are far reaching, often overlooked are the damaging effects of stress on the immune system. This poses a significant risk to immune health with 1 in 3 Australian adults reporting that severe stress affects their daily lives!  

Although the acute stress response is designed to provide protection against various threats, the impacts of chronic unresolved stress on immune function range from: increased inflammation, suppression of immune cell numbers and their function, and altered T1 - T2 balance, thus chronic stress becomes immuno-pathological.2 This may eventually present clinically as recurrent or stealth infections, atopic conditions or auto-immune diseases. More recently, our understanding of the complex interactions between the endocannabinoid (eCB) system and stress has evolved. Teneille will present emerging evidence on the significant bidirectional effects of eCB and stress, and further impacts on CB2 receptors present in immune cells, modulating cytokine release and immune cell migration.

In this webinar:

  • Differential discussion of acute versus chronic stress and their impacts on immunity
  • The role of the endocannabinoid system in both stress and immune activity
  • Fundamental diet and lifestyle practices for neuroimmunological health
  • Effective prescribing of nutrients and herbs to minimise the effects of chronic stress and promote immune balance

Date: 5th June – 19th June.  Click here to register

Designs for Health

We invite you to join us for an in-depth and interactive webinar on the GI-Map Test.
Master your understanding of the world's most comprehensive gastrointestinal microbiome test with GI-Map founder Dr David Brady and DFH Australia's Technical Support Manager Lea McIntyre ND as they review case studies and answer all of your questionsin real time.

Register and participate in this exclusive Live Webinar and:

  • Ask all your GI-Map related questions
  • Learn when to consider a GI-Map Test
  • Understand effective GI-Map prescribing protocols
  • Review product indications based on test results
  • Discover popular Designs for Health products
  • Access clinical feedback from practitioners
  • View the webinar recording later at your leisure

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and resources with you - The DHF Australia Team
To Register:  Click here or E. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. T. 02 9136 6266 |

Metagenics Congress logo

One of the largest and most widely-attended Natural Medicine events in the Southern Hemisphere – The 2019 International Congress on Natural Medicine – brings you the thought leaders who are breaking boundaries in the scientific and clinical application of modern Functional Medicine!

Do you want to:

  • Spend 3 days learning, having fun, being inspired and building your professional networks?
  • Remain a cutting edge Natural Medicine Practitioner at the frontier of the latest scientific and clinical breakthroughs?
  • Be armed to resolve modern epidemics such as EMF-related disorders, circadian rhythm dysfunction, obesity, chronic inflammatory disorders and mental health disorders?
  • Understand the emerging pathophysiological mechanics affecting neurology, bioenergetics and epigenetics?
  • Be introduced to new assessment tools and novel ingredients that can help manage the aforementioned disorders?

If you answered yes, then you mustn’t miss this year’s Metagenics Congress!  Register here

Metagenics Resolving Chronic Inflammation

Today, 50% of Australians live with at least one often painful and debilitating chronic condition, including arthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and mental health conditions. Regardless of their cause, varied manifestations of these conditions all have one commonality – ongoing smouldering inflammation.

Research uncovering the importance of active mediators involved in the resolution of inflammation has caused a shift in focus in how chronic inflammatory conditions are treated. Join us to learn about a new framework and exciting tools which address novel and complex drivers of chronic unresolved inflammation, helping to improve patient health outcomes.

Why You Should Attend

Incorporate the Latest Science into Your Clinical Practice:

  • Understand the limitations of simply suppressing inflammatory mediators
  • Be introduced to new tools that improve inflammatory resolution
  • Learn new ways of assessing an important biomarker which indicates inflammatory potential
  • Get up-to-date on how traditional, natural anti-inflammatories regulate inflammatory processes and immune function
  • Learn what science is uncovering about the role of the vagus nerve in the regulation of inflammation
  • Understand the complex bidirectional relationship between the gut and inflammation
  • Discover a framework for sifting through complex causes of inflammation, in order to get to the root cause and help patients return to health.

Your Investment (incl GST) : Account holders: $55, Students: $35, Non-account holders: $110. For an extra $55.00, you can further your learning experience with knowledge shared from key industry leaders!

Click here for venues dates and Call Customer Service now on 1800 777 648 to reserve your place today.

Extended Learning Sessions:  Exclusive to selected capital cities only, you can further your learning experience by attending the optional Extended Learning Session. These sessions are held prior to the Metagenics seminar presentations and are presented by esteemed thought leaders from the Natural Medicine industry. You can register to attend one of these sessions in the following capital cities for an additional $55.00.

Bioceuticals teh synergistic applica

Join us for an exciting and educational opportunity to spend the day with Denis Stewart – the ”godfather of Australian herbal medicine” in perhaps his last tour, and Dan Jones - the co-author of Alfred Jacka’s Prescribing Strategies book. Combining 70 years of herbal and mineral therapy expertise, the workshop will include treatment strategies, ‘clinical pearls’ and encourage case study discussion.

This full day, catered workshop will also enable you to confidently prescribe mineral therapy as a standalone therapy and/or to be used adjunctively with herbs to support a range of conditions.

Dan and Denis will share many great anecdotes and case studies to support your confidence in mineral and herbal therapy and will provide you with valuable tips and prescribing techniques.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain confidence in dispensing two modalities that complement each other and how these can be used to develop a personalised prescribing style for better clinical outcomes.
  • Acquire the ability to manage challenging conditions.
  • Discover the role of mineral therapy when used as an adjunct to herbs to improve patient outcomes.
  • Identify the key characteristics of personalised prescribing.
  • Gain confidence in interpreting presenting body signs and symptoms.
  • Learn about the different dosing strategies for patients with acute and chronic conditions.

Cost, Cities and Dates: $149 Practitioner, $99 Student/Lecturer
Adelaide 20th June, Perth 22nd June, Sydney 29th June, Melbourne 6th July, Brisbane 13th July

For more information and to register, click here 

bWellness bioregulatory

What is BioRegulatory Medicine?
BioRegulatory Medicine is the study of therapies that support regulatory change and is self sustaining after a period of treatment. An approach to health care that is being validated more and more as we research into the complex systems of BioRegulatory control.

Aspects that will be addressed:

  • The Microbiome & gut health
  • Critical Magnesium research
  • Immune modulation
  • pH regulation
  • Detoxification

Fundamentals of Homotoxicology: Homotoxicology is an extensively researched practice, that studies the influences of toxic substances in the human body, where symptoms and disease are seen as a result of the biological resistance to toxic substances.

3 pillars of Homotoxicology:

  • Drainage & Detoxification
  • Immune modulation
  • Cell & Organ Support

PH –  The Impact of pH on the Body and Gut 
You will learn about the importance of the pH in regard to the whole biological system. The gastro-intestinal microbiome hosts more than 500 species, each thriving under very specific pH conditions needed for enzymatic activity and microbial regulation. It is well known that even a slight shift in pH has a profound effect on the immune system and inflammatory responses.

Despite probiotic supplementation, many pathogenic microbes and even those normally found in our gut are becoming overgrown in a disrupted pH micro-environment. Without addressing the underlying condition of the mucosal terrain, the benefits of anti-microbial or antibiotic agents for dysbiosis, are at best short-term and may possibly even exacerbate the problem.

Click here to Register or Contact us on +61 8 8130 8700.  25th June, Melbourne, 27th June Auckland, 29th June Sydney

 Bioconcepts autoimmunity logo

Environmental toxins, hormonal imbalance and suboptimal nutrition can all drive mitochondrial dysfunction and faulty cell signalling. The resulting metabolic disruption triggers inflammatory cascades and an erratic immune response. Long term consequences include autoimmune diseases, subfertility and other chronic illnesses. Autoimmune disease and subfertility cause extreme emotional and physical distress. Common protocols can provide inconsistent results which often leave both practitioners and patients feeling overwhelmed and disheartened. Immunometabolism describes the physiological connection between mitochondrial function and immune system activation. An understanding and appreciation of this emerging concept equips practitioners to objectively evaluate which patients may respond to conventional approaches and those that may not.

Concepts to be explored:

  • Key contributors to infertility in both males and females
  • Mechanisms that drive mitochondrial dysfunction and faulty cell signalling
  • Immune cell fate and function in response to alterations in metabolic pathways
  • Activation of chronic inflammation and its role in autoimmunity

Learn how to:

  • Assess mitochondrial health
  • Identify and reduce the impact of the most important drivers of mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Use specific diet, lifestyle and nutrients to influence mitochondrial signalling and improve patient outcomes in subfertility, autoimmunity and other chronic illnesses

Presenter: Dr Rhona Creegan PhD, BSc Biomedical Sciences, MSc Clinical Biochemistry, MSc Nutrition Medicine. Rhona is a Nutritional Biochemist/Consultant with extensive experience in clinical biochemistry, molecular genetics and nutrition. Rhona has worked as a Senior Laboratory Scientist in major teaching hospitals in the UK and Australia in both clinical biochemistry and diagnostic molecular
genetics laboratories. She has completed formal studies in Nutritional Medicine (Masters) and as a PhD researcher, investigated abnormal lipid metabolism in Alzheimer’s disease. She is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, working alongside conventional medicine to optimise patient health with targeted functional testing, nutrition and lifestyle plans. This integrated approach aims to determine the root cause of common chronic health issues affecting digestion, immune function, mood, hormones, fatigue, weight management and metabolic disease. Rhona is an educator, researcher, consultant to the industry and a published author in nutritional biochemistry, genetics and nutrition.

Click here to register or for Aust dates and venues 30th May to 20th June.

Click here for NZ dates and venues 13th July to 16th July. Contact ProHerb NZ on 0800553556 to register.



Mediherb Disordered Lipid

The MediHerb® team would like to invite you to join the webinar on 'Disordered Lipid Metabolism'.

Dyslipidaemia is well-documented as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Despite lipid-modifying medications such as statins being among the most commonly prescribed, cardiovascular disease continues to be a leading cause of death and disease burden in Australia. Recent studies question whether simply lowering cholesterol is enough to prevent or eliminate cardiovascular disease.

Clinical naturopath Keonie Moore will explore advancements in clinical management, for early intervention in patient’s cardiovascular health and prevent disease progression by normalising lipid profiles.

In this webinar Keonie will share:

  • Practical aspects of patient screening and clinical assessment
  • Primary and secondary causes of dyslipidaemia and varying presentations of specific lipid profile alterations
  • Individualised herbal, nutritional and dietary approaches to dyslipidaemia
  • Case studies to highlight effective clinical management approaches to correct lipid profiles

Investment (incl GST).  Practitioners: A$30.00, Students: A$24.00 Note: All registrations and payments are handled directly by Integria Healthcare in Australian Dollars.

Duration: 90 minutes (Includes Q&A).  Contact Hours: 1.5 hours 
6.00pm SA/NT
4.30pm WA
8.30pm NZ
(Please contact your association to apply for CPE points.)

Click Here to register.  Registrations close Sunday 14 July 2019 5.30pm AEST

Metagenics metabiome logo

Microbiome screening and interpretation for clinical success

This seminar will provide the latest science on the gut microbiota, in a clinically focussed manner, allowing Practitioners to immediately begin screening patients and add a powerful new tool to their practice. Learn how to:

  • Confidently apply microbiome testing and interpretation to clinical practice.
  • Improve compliance by showing a comprehensive, objective picture of gut health, and watch this improve with treatment intervention.
  • Go beyond outdated culture and genetic sequencing tests, to the most comprehensive, up-to-date microbiome test available.
  • Understand not just the composition of the microbiome, but its functions, the factor that truly impacts patients nutrition, inflammatory status, gut health, brain function and more.
  • Interpret your own microbiome function via the MetaBiome™ Naturopathic Report for hands-on interpretation training, translating findings into clinical context for precision medicine.
  • Hear how the MetaBiome™ Microbiome Sampling Kit has provided valuable insight in real-life cases.

Presenters:  Dr Alena Pribyl PhD, Senior Scientist Microba and Marla Cunningham BHSc (CompMed), DipHSc (HerbMed), Head of Clinical Innovation, Metagenics.


Dates & Locations:
Perth Saturday, 3 August, Hyatt Regency, 99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth
Melbourne Saturday, 10 August, Pullman & Mercure Melbourne Albert Park, 65 Queens Road, Melbourne
Sydney Sunday, 11 August, Pullman Sydney Hyde Park, 36 College Street, Sydney
Brisbane Saturday, 31 August, Marriott Brisbane, 515 Queen Street, Brisbane
Adelaide Saturday, 7 September, Pullman Adelaide, 16 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide

Your Investment (per person):  A$395 incl GST, NZ$434 GST exempt

Registration is essential:  Call 1800 777 648 (Aus) or 0508 227 744 (NZ) to reserve your place today or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MediHerb Stress Seminar

Not all stress is bad, however, never before has chronic unresolved stress had such a damaging effect on our lives and our health, particularly the health and function of the brain. 1 in 3 Australian adults report feeling significantly stressed in their daily lives. This seminar offers a comprehensive examination into advances in the health impacts of stress, with a focus on disturbances to the brain itself. Expert clinical approaches will be shared, to provide you with a guide to effectively manage patients where stress is taking a toll.

Session 1: The Stressed Brain Presented by Angela Hywood
Session 2: Relieving Anxiety and Boosting Healthy Sleep: A Focus on Herbs Presented by Kerry Bone or Adrian Hubner
Session 3: Application of Herbs for Mood Disorders in Clinical Naturopathic Practice Presented by David Casteleijn, or Rose Cornelissen or Teneille Newton

Investment (includes GST): Practitioners: A$80.00, Students: A$64.00.  Note: All registrations and payments are handled directly by Integria Healthcare in Australian Dollars. Registrations close approximately 3 days prior to the event date or unless sold out prior.

By attending you will receive:

  • Comprehensive manual containing all the presentations slides, notes and handouts
  • Practical and useful strategies from leading practitioners
  • Healthy meals*
  • The opportunity to taste and try a range of products*
  • Access to exclusive product specials*
  • Access to the recording, attendance certificate to apply for CPE points and other resources
    *Not included when registering for 'Purchase Recording' option

Click here to register and find venues

National summit Biopractica logo

Live and in-person, International world-renowned speakers and experts in their field: 
Professor Lynda Frassetto, MD:  Professor of Medicine in the Division of Nephrology at the University of California, San Francisco (USCF). Professor Jürgen Vormann:  Professor at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, University Hospital Centre in Berlin. Plus highly experienced expert naturopathic clinicians in practice Vanessa Hitch/Paul Kern.

Gain expert clinical support and preventative strategies for wide-ranging issues:

  • Kidney disease and its treatment 
  • Cognitive dysfunction Loss of muscle mass 
  • Pain syndromes 
  • Abnormal cell growth
  • Mental health 
  • Connective tissue disease 
  • Osteoporosis

Topic 1: The trade-off hypothesis as a driver of acid-induced organ system damage and ageing. International speaker & world expert on nephrology  Professor Lynda Frassetto M.D.

Every part of the body relies on pH balance to maintain homeostasis, tolerating only very small shifts before organ system damage occurs. Interestingly, ageing, renal dysfunction and metabolic acidosis all share similar physiological attributes, with the kidneys often being overlooked as a target for alkaline therapy, which shows promise for reversing kidney disease.


  • Ground-breaking new research on factors affecting ageing such as klotho and renal function
  • The hidden link between telomeres, metabolic acidosis and life-span
  • Dietary components needed to achieve and maintain the optimal acid-base status for humans.

Topic 2: Mineral leaching, pain syndromes, connective tissue disease, and chronic disease development. International speaker & world expert on magnesium & pH Professor Jürgen Vormann.

The risk of mineral imbalance throughout the life-span is profound. As we age and consume an acidogenic Western diet, our mineral storesdiminish, leaving us metabolically challenged, acidic and depleted in energy. Exciting new research links mineral disturbances in magnesium and pH, to wide-ranging issues, such as pain syndromes, connective tissue diseases and abnormal cell growth.


  • Why mineral leaching, in particular magnesium, is an underestimated risk for people of all ages, not just the elderly
  • About extracellular acid-sensing channels as a therapeutic target for the successful management of pain syndromes
  • How to quickly address hidden factors in chronic disease progression from connective tissue degeneration to abnormal cell growth.

Topic 3: metabolic ph challenges and prescribing for a cognitive ‘health-span’ clinically experienced natural medicine presenters Vanessa Hitch/Paul Kern

Surprisingly, cognitive decline begins much sooner that what might be expected. Subtle metabolic dysregulation signs can also be seen earlier, before cognitive symptoms manifest, suggesting these are not merely ‘age’ issues. True preventative medicine begins with a multi-system approach to balance physiology and function and build metabolic resilience to future proof brain function, ensure mental health and improve life quality.


  • The link between brain pH, and how to prescribe for present and future cognitive and mental wellness
  • Successful clinical strategies for reducing key markers, such as advanced glycation end products (AGEs) amyloid proteins and oxidative stress
  • Prescribing tools for optimising your clients mitochondrial energy production and improving their total health-span.

Date:  12th August to 21st August.  Early bird price $80 until 29th May.  Click here to register

 Bioceuticals Holistic3

BioCeuticals Seminar Series with Dr Elisa Song

Dr Elisa Song, founded Whole Family Wellness in 2005 with a mission to create a nurturing environment that integrates allopathic and natural medicine customised to each unique child, in order to help children thrive to their fullest potentials. In this seminar, Dr Song draws on her areas of expertise to provide effective integrative treatment strategies for children with complex medical issues, including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autoimmune illness, failure to thrive, food allergies/sensitivities, neurological disorders and environmental illness.

Learning Objectives:

  • Safe detox in kids
  • Supporting the developing brain − brain health, ADHD, Anxiety, autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Adopting functional and integrative approaches to address root causes
  • Triggers to the development of autoimmunity in children
  • Addressing gut microbiome, infection, environmental toxins and stress
  • Personalising treatment to each child’s functional needs

Cost, Date and City:  Full registration $80, Student/Lecturer $50.  21 August: Melbourne, 22 August: Adelaide, 26 August: Perth, 28 August: Brisbane, 30 August: Sydney.

The seminar will be filmed at ABC studios in Sydney. All registered attendees will get access to this session recording post event. For more information and to register for this event, click here.

ATMS Symposium GI

The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) is bringing practitioners a Special Event, the Functional GI Symposium, to Sydney on Sunday 15 September. Presented by five leading experts, Dr Jason Hawrelak, Dr Nirala Jacobi, Dr Daniel Weber, Dr Johan van den Bogaerde and Robert Beson, don’t miss out on learning from industry leaders about the relevant, up-to-date medical information needed for the treatment of various Functional GI issues.

Learning Outcomes:

This event is designed to enhance your technical expertise in digestive health and provide a powerful educational focus with specialised, integrative, naturopathic trainings on the diagnosis and treatment of varied GI presentations.

Key areas being covered include:

  • Microcirculation, pH, temperature and blood profile
  • Functional GI physical exam techniques
  • IBD and Faecal Microbiota Transplantation
  • Neurotrophic factors
  • Parasitic infections
  • The latest in Microbiome research
  • Nutrition and lifestyle factors

Speaker & Program Highlights:

  • Dr Jason Hawrelak: Blastocystis and Deintamoeba – Gastrointestinal pathogens or commensal Symbionts?
  • Dr Nirala Jacobi: Top Physical GI Exam Techniques
  • Dr Daniel Weber: Neurotrophic Factors in Gut Health
  • Dr Johan van den Bogaerde: Microbiome Research, FMT and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Robert Beson: Gut health: Environmental & Internal Profile Considerations

Event Details: Sunday 15 September, 9am-5pm at Aerial UTS Function Centre, Level 7, Building 10, 235 Jones Street, Ultimo 2007, NSW
Earn 6 CPE points
Cost: ATMS Accredited Member - $260, Non ATMS Practitioner - $305, ATMS Student Member - $200, Non ATMS Student - $220
For more information and to book, click here.  T. 1800 456 855 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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