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Metagenics, Perinatal Planning for Future Generations,NSW, NZ
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BioConcepts, Developmental Biology in the GIT, NZ (Auck, Wgtn, ChCh)

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We now understand that inter-generational health of the mother and father, and even the grandparents, are intrinsically linked to that of the baby. Expectant parents are more motivated than ever to give their future baby the best chance they can in a climate of rising chronic disease rates such as obesity, asthma, and neurodevelopmental disorders. Practitioners have key critical windows of opportunity to intervene throughout preconception and the first thousand days from conception. This seminar will build your understanding in the emerging science of epigenetics, methylation and the gut microbiome so that you can successfully incorporate strategies to create a happy healthy generation of babies.

The developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD) model emerged almost 30 years ago, as a way of explaining how stress and poor nutrition during gestation might disadvantage offspring throughout their lifetime. Since then, the discovery of complex epigenetic mechanisms have led to the stunning realisation that we inherit more from our parents than our genes, providing the link between the health and environmental exposures of parents, and generations to come. This seminar will explore the critical windows of development and will redefine how Natural Health Care Practitioners may optimise gene expression, for lifelong health, energy and happiness for the entire family.

Incorporate the Latest Science into Your Clinical Practice

  • Understand the emerging science of epigenetics, which goes far beyond DNA methylation, providing the link between the health of past and future generations.
  • Review the latest science on key maternal nutritional requirements that are integral for optimal childhood development, including a less known methyl nutrient which may be as important as folate.
  • Never again underestimate the importance of paternal health in a child’s development.
  • Learn what can be done to offset toxins throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding in a world where they are ubiquitous.
  • Master parental metabolic and mental health throughout pregnancy, and learn how doing so improves the wellbeing of the whole family.
  • Feel confident and equipped with practical, clinical resources for treating patients throughout preconception and pregnancy.

Cost (incl GST) & Dates:  Account holder $55, Student $35.  25th Sept to 3rd Nov in these States:  QLD,NSW,ACT,VIC,TAS,SA,WA,NT & NZ.

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The 3-hour Masterclass will include:

  • Discussion of the latest research and emerging theories related to Metabolic Syndrome diagnostics, treatment, and test interpretation
  • Nutritional strategies for the treatment of MetS as well as related conditions including PCOS, heart disease, sleep apnoea and more
  • A collaborative learning environment for invaluable practitioner networking
  • Complimentary selection of healthy refreshments
  • Talk to the Designs for Health team about your clinical practice, protocols and special event offer.

Presenter, Dr Coetzee received his Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition with a specialisation in nutrigenomics from Maryland University. With over 20 years of clinical experience, specialising in nutritional and herbal interventions for chronic conditions. " Metabolic Syndrome is completely reversible". Dr Oscar Coetzee.

MetS MasterClasses Venues and Dates:
AUCKLAND NZ - 12th October, BRISBANE 14th October, MELBOURNE 15th October, PERTH 16th October, SYDNEY 18th October.

Click here to find out more and secure your place.  This free event is available to Practitioners registered with Designs for Health Australia.

Biomedica Nutritional Neurotherapy

In the last 20 years, there has been an explosion of interest in GUT-brain interaction and consequences of intestinal dysbiosis in general health and mental health in particular. We then started investigating the complex relationship between diet, nutritional status, intestinal dysbiosis, IBS and mental health disorders. Our focus has always been in attempting to treat the causes of these disorders. 

Key learning outcomes:

  • Biological underpinnings of mental health disorders with a focus on GIT mucosa
  • Understanding how epithelial cells and GIT gets disrupted
  • The role of dietary lectins in damaging GIT mucosal membranes and the epithelium
  • The role of nutrient deficiencies in promoting epithelial disruptions
  • Combining dietary changes with “specific nutrient supplements” in the treatments of IBS, health and mental health disorders
  • Case studies will be presented to illustrate the principles discussed.

Presented by Dr Jacques Duff - Psychologist, Clinical Neuroscientist and Nutritionist. Adv. Dip NatBA - Psych.; Grad. Dip. App. Sc.(Psych.) PhD; MAPS; FANSA; MECNS; MSNR.  Dr Duff is the founder and Clinical Director of the Behavioural Neurotherapy Clinic. From 1997 to 2010 he was involved in Clinical Neuroscience research at the Brain Sciences Institute, investigating "The Brain Electrical Activity of Boys with ADHD and its treatment using Neurotherapy". Dr Duff has analysed thousands of Quantitative EEG (QEEG) assessments to aid in the differential diagnosis of children with ADHD, ASD and Learning Difficulties and for adults with Traumatic Brain Injuries, PTSD, Psychiatric disorders, Depression and Anxiety.  In addition to his Psychological and Neuroscience practice, Dr Duff is passionate about nutrition. Dr Duff designed and implemented Smart-Ehealth, a cloud-based Clinic Management System software and research tool that collects clinical data in a database. In addition to running a clinic, it allows for easy “one-click” prescribing, treatment outcome monitoring and mining of data for research into effectiveness studies of interventions

Date, time and Cost:  Wednesday, 23rd October at 7.00pm AEDT. Duration: 60 minutes.  Cost, $25 (ex. GST).  CPE Points for 1 hour

Click here to register or T 1300 884 701

BioPractica autophagy

This is a dynamic and practical seminar where participants will explore:

Learn about autophagy and how can it help your clients and discover the latest research on fasting with an individualised approach.

Presented by: Vanessa Hitch – B.Sc(CompMed), Adv Dip.Nat. Vanessa is a naturopath with over two decades experience as a highly regarded clinician, speaker, educator and supplement formulator. In her clinical practice, Vanessa assists a wide variety of patients and concerns. Her focus is on improving health and wellbeing through effective detoxification, digestive and hormonal support, and the use of genetic and functional testing.

A dynamic and practical seminar where participants will explore:

  • How autophagy can benefit your clients for disease prevention and longevity
  • Fasting and activation of nutrient sensing pathways
  • Key therapeutic targets of autophagy, such as insulin and inflammasomes
  • Evidence for the metabolic benefits of fasting for cellular health, including heat shock proteins and adaptive cell signalling
  • How fasting affects your client’s hormones and endocrine system
  • Benefits and pitfalls of current popular prescriptive diets: paleo, high protein/low carb, high fat/low carb and plant-based diets
  • The circadian rhythm of cells and the SCN in response to calorie intake
  • How to address the challenges of using fasting in clients who have gene variants such as MTHFR, with nutritional workarounds that will restore their energy and mood fast
  • Fasting myths: When fasting is and isn’t appropriate for your client

What is the evidence, pros & cons?

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Calorie restriction
  • Time-restricted feeding
  • Juice and water fasting
  • Periodic fasting

What is the evidence, pros & cons?

  • Poor energy and motivation
  • Insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome & blood sugar issues
  • Chronic inflammation

Click here to register and find venues near you. T. Aust. +618 81308700 NZ +649 8451245
  16th October to 2nd November. 

fxMed Logo Advances in Microbiome

Extensive Assessment of the Gastrointestinal Microbiome

  • PCR Analysis for the Abundance and Diversity of Key Bacterial Populations of the GI Microbiome
  • PCR Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites
  • Comprehensive Parasitology by Microscopy
  • MALDI-TOF ID of Cultured Bacteria and Yeast
  • Broad Range of Stool Chemistry Markers
  • Standardised Susceptibility Testing of Isolated Bacteria and Yeast

Topics Covered:

  • Exploration of the gut microbiome
  • PCR vs Culture - is one really better than the other?
  • Is all PCR created equal?
  • What about next generation sequencing?
  • Is GIT chemistry important?
  • Best methodology for detecting parasites
  • Scientific Notations - how do DDI simplify them?
  • How to apply results of the new GI360 test to get the best outcomes for your patients
  • Why DDI is still the best for Heavy Metal Testing
  • Q & A

About the presenter Dr David Quig received his Masters degree in Human Nutrition from Virginia Tech and his PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of Illinois. Dr Quig gives presentations at International and national biomedical conferences and has served as a reviewer for prominent biomedical journals. Dr Quig is currently Vice President, Scientific Support for Doctor’s Data, Inc. where he conducts studies and advises medical practitioners about the interpretation of test reports and treatment options for their patients.
About Doctor’s Data Doctor’s Data, Inc. has provided innovative specialty testing to healthcare practitioners around the world from their advanced, CLIA-licensed clinical laboratory since 1972. The laboratory provides a wide array of functional testing to aid in decision making and better patient outcomes.

Venue:  Heritage Auckland, 35 Hobson St, Auckland 1010 Parking available in Wilson Car Park on corner of Hobson St & Wyndham St (access on Hobson St). Enter the conference centre at the back of hotel, at 11 Wyndham St.
Date:  Thursday 7th November:  4.00 pm - Registration and afternoon tea. 4.30 - 6.00 pm - Seminar. 6.00 - 7.00 pm - Dinner*. 7.00 - 8.30 pm - Seminar.
Cost:  Earlybird registration: $70 +GST (expires 24 October) Practitioner price: $95 +GST Student price: $60 +GST Registrations close Monday 4th November.

To register phone 0800 439 633 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (limited seats available - no complimentary tickets available for this event). *There will be gluten-free and dairy-free options available at the dinner, if you have any additional food intolerances please notify us at time of registration.


BioConcepts Developmental Biology

Developmental biology studies the genetic and epigenetic control of cellular growth, differentiation and “morphogenesis” which gives rise to bodily tissues and organs. In addition, it looks at the role of adult stem cells in the regeneration and maintenance of tissues and organs across our entire lives. Understanding the developmental biology of the GIT and its influencers can help change the way we, as natural medicine practitioners, treat common gastrointestinal conditions.

Learn how genetics and epigenetics influence the development of the gastrointestinal lining and the microbiome; and in turn how that cross-talk between the microbiome and gastrointestinal lining leads us down a path to health or disease.

The stem cells which give rise to all mature cells of the intestine including epithelial cells, are highly influenced by the signalling environment, in what is called the stem cell niche. The signals from the stem cell niche which include hormones, chemokines, cytokines, cellular contact, macro and micronutrients from our diet and microbiome metabolites control the growth and directs the differentiation of the stem cells. To make lasting changes to the epithelium and the microbiome, this environment must be conducive to healthy stem cell function.

Presenter: Dr Michael Osiecki, PhD, BBE (Chemical), BBiotech (Hons). Dr Michael is the Managing Director of Bio Concepts and the second generation of Osiecki biochemists. With scientific prowess and a passion for the industry, Dr Michael is at the forefront of education in nutritional medicine. Dr Michael draws insights from the latest relevant research in complementary medicine, applying these to the clinic and beyond.

Cost:  Early bird  $57 Discount ends 31st August. Standard price $75 1st September onwards.
Dates:  30th October to 2nd December
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MediHerb Webinar Immune Allostasis

Within our Naturopathic treatment framework, understanding dynamic immunity and importantly the “right herbal fit” can open up professional possibilities. It can also reduce unnecessary limitations, particularly when mastering approaches to chronic disease.

Given our current environmental and life pressures, it is little wonder noncommunicable forms of chronic disease (NCD) has shown a tremendous growth spurt globally in multimorbidity and complex sequelae.1 Further, the immune system is increasingly stretched beyond allostatic endurance, leading to patients with more complicated diseases challenging us in practice. Naturopathy and herbal medicine is however well suited to dealing with what is clearly a whole-system assault. This webinar provides a synthesis of clinically relevant information to help build on your existing understanding of immunity, refine herbal prescribing, and expand your scope when treating NCD.     

Important topics include:

  • Functional understanding and exploration of the homeostatic immune hyperactivity and suppression paradox, immune allostasis, and co-existing sensory roles of immunity
  • Integrating traditional and evidence based herbal prescribing with current biological targets in chronic immune conditions
  • Identifying immune herb variation and exploring their relevance beyond immune effects; including the cross-over role of Tinospora cordifolia
  • Practical strategies and differentials of immune herbs for use in practice
  • Clinical applications using real-life case examples

Date:  8.30am AEDT, Wed. 30th October until 5.30pm, Wed. 13th November.  Duration 90 min.
Cost (incl GST):  Practitioners $A30, Students A$24
CPE points - 1.5 contact hours

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Gastrointestinal disorders are prevalent with many people presenting to both orthodox and complementary medicine practitioners for assessment and advice.

In this webinar Beth will provide a clinically driven model for improving patient outcomes, highlighting both nutrition and lifestyle strategies as co-medication to support the management of primary and secondary GIT disorders

The model consists of:

  • The evaluation and prescription of movement and fibre to support better clinical outcomes; enhance medication effectiveness and reduce adverse effects.
  • The assessment of gastric acid and pH production to evaluate digestion and absorption and the resulting potential nutritional deficiencies.
  • Using GERD as an example, assessing potential nutrient deficiencies arising from the long-term use of medication for GERD.

Date: On demand from 13 to 27 November. Duration 90 minutes
Cost: Practitioners $A30, Students $A24
CPE Points: Recognised for contact learning hours – contact your individual association to apply

Click here to register  or E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. T. 1300 654 336


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