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Scobiotics™:  An evolution of the probiotic paradigm
To celebrate the launch of the Bioclinic Naturals Scobiotic™ range Shilo Mason of Ariya Health will be presenting a webinar on Scobiotics™: An evolution of the probiotic paradigm. The webinar will delve into the science behind the formulations, as well as providing an overview of the products within the range, and details on how these products can be successfully incorporated into treatment protocols in practice.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of Scobiotics™
  • Beyond CFU – how Scobiotics™ encourage secondary metabolite production and how this differs from traditional probiotics.
  • Overview of the individual products in the Scobiotic™ range and their respective roles in driving targeted clinical outcomes.

Date: Wednesday 12 August,  7.00pm - 8.00pm AEST  Click Here to Register

MediHerb Building Paediatric Resilience

Stressful experiences have a disproportionately larger impact during the critical and sensitive period of child and adolescent development. When psychosocial support is either broken or no longer provides an adequate buffer, lasting effects on the neuroendocrine-immune network can result. This is where targeted, age-appropriate natural medicine protection and correction becomes crucial in minimising the effects of stress in these developing patients.   

Paediatric treatment is a specialised area due to differing developmental stages which impact metabolism of herbs and nutrients, and influence disease patterns and susceptibilities compared to mature adults. 

In this webinar Rose will share:

  • Age and maturation dependant effects on core developmental stages and how it impacts the neuroendocrine-immune network
  • Understanding the differentials of allostatic load and overload in paediatric patients
  • Examination of changes over the paediatric lifespan and how it affects solubility, absorption and elimination of herbal metabolites 
  • Safety and core rules in herbal dispensing, including dosing and compliance recommendations
  • Targeted herbal and nutritional strategies for paediatric age groups, focusing on nervous and immune system support
  • Practical tips, including often forgotten traditionally based treatments, to generate a positive connection as well as enhance paediatric health outcomes

Cost incl GST: Practitioners:  A$30.00, Students:  A$24.00.  Duration: 75 minutes

Click here to register

MediHerb Beyond Skin Deep

Often overlooked, is the importance of skin, a sophisticated, self-renewing organ and our primary barrier against external threats. It also provides physical structure, allows selective absorption and antioxidant storage, controls thermoregulation and stimulates epidermal regeneration when damaged. More than any other body system it faces constant environmental challenges and its condition is based on the levels of general physical and mental health. 

In this seminar series we investigate common clinical skin issues with complex underlying pathophysiology, ranging from infectious conditions, to chronic inflammatory disorders such as acne and rosacea.

Common to these conditions is compromised health and integrity of the skin, this requires that these fundamental issues be addressed with naturopathic medicines, as well as the use of topical applications, which for many is a forgotten art.

Session1: Immunobiology of Skin - Understanding the Skin Immune Landscape

Session 2 : New and Advanced Perspectives on Managing Acne and Rosacea

Session 3:  Clinical Management of Skin Infections

Date & Cost (incl GST):
13th September at 10.00 - 4.00pm AEST.  Practitioners:  A$49.00, Students: A$39.00

Click here to register

RN Labs Pract Summit

Don’t miss this exciting 16-part online pre- recorded workshop presented by a range of  experienced clinicians and researchers. GPL Academy is pleased to bring you this comprehensive  series of workshops designed to help practitioners learn  how to integrate GPL’s comprehensive testing into their  practices.  By signing up to the summit, you will find out why The  Great Plains Labs (GPL) Organic Acids Test may be  incredibly valuable to your practice, what particular  markers may be the most meaningful to specific patients,  and how to use the OAT in tandem with other tests such as  the MycoTOX and GPL-Tox to provide your patients with the  most personalised treatment plans possible.  If you are looking for new ways to help patients with difficult  to diagnose and chronic health issues, this workshop is for  you.

All sessions will be released on the 1 st September but you  can register in advance and be notified as soon as the  sessions become available to watch. Click here to register or for more information.
Cost:  $350

RN Labs Dutch Fest logo

This online summit includes 13 recorded sessions from a variety of hormone experts. These skilled presenters can supply you with the foundation to confidently assess and treat patients who present with hormonal dysfunction, safely and effectively.

Topics Include:

  • Hormone physiology for the female and male patient
  • Review physiologic stress response and relationship to imbalances
  • Hormone imbalances and treatment options associated with infertility and PCOS
  • Treatment strategies and clinical cases
  • Evaluate the most important laboratory tests to use in assessing hormone-related dysfunction and recognise common pitfalls of lab testing
  • Recognise appropriate treatment protocols from lifestyle, nutraceuticals to prescribed bioidentical hormones

For a limited time, this highly celebrated summit (presented in the US in October, 2019) is available to RN Labs practitioners absolutely free. In this recorded seminar series totalling 15 hours of content, a panel of hormone experts cover topics relating to the treatment of hormone imbalances in men and women. The recordings are released in sections on: 15th June, 15th July, and 15th August. Once released, each video is only available for one month (so you must be quick to make sure you don’t miss any of the great content!)

Online 15th June to 15th September.  Click here to register

BioMedica Lunch Learn

Folates, methylation and holism in reproductive health

Key learning outcomes

  • An understanding of the role of folates in pregnancy related outcomes
  • An evidence-based assessment of clinical claims relating to folic acid safety and efficacy
  • The safety and efficacy of folic acid in individuals with specific SNP’s
  • An understanding of bioequivalence within the context of reproductive medicine
  • An appreciation of the need to provide holistic clinical care during preconception and pregnancy

Presenter: Samuel Peters (BHSc Naturopathy) 
Date & Time:  Thursday 6th August at 12.00 (AEST).  Duration 30 minutes.  Click here to register

FxMed Metabolic Reprogramming

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe how the gut microbiome can directly impact metabolic processes
  • Explain the connection between dysbiosis and unwanted weight gain
  • Discuss practical and actionable changes that can improve the gut microbiome and support healthy metabolism

We all know people who can eat virtually anything and not gain weight.

We typically credit those features to the person having a “fast metabolism”. This implies that they simply burn more calories just walking around, sitting, sleeping, and doing daily activities. With the recent advancement in microbiology, we now have a different perspective on what controls body weight. This talk will focus on the latest research demonstrating the role that gut bacteria play in determining body composition and chronic disease risk as well as discuss strategies for modulating or reconditioning the gut microbiome in favour of a lean body and a healthy microbiome.

Date:  18th September 12 - 1pm NZST and 10 - 11am AEST Click Here to Register

Integria Symposium

Presented by Practitioners, for Practitioners

Join us for this special event where we bring together internationally and locally acclaimed experts in the fields of Neuroscience, Ayurveda, Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine to share advances in research and clinical insights in women’s health.

Date: Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 October. 
Cost in Aust. dollars and including GST 
Live Event:
 Practitioners: $495. Students: $396
Live Stream: Practitioners:  $299. Students:  $239
Venue:  Sofitel Brisbane Central 249 Turbot Street, Brisbane QLD

Click Here to register for Symposium

For accomodation discounts for attendees (subject to availability) contact Sofitel Brisbane Central Reservations and quote the booking code  IHC161020. T. 07 3835 3534. E. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Fx Med Duch fest logo

For a limited time, this highly celebrated summit (presented in the US in October, 2019) is available to FxMed practitioners absolutely free. In this recorded seminar series totalling 15 hours of content, a panel of hormone experts cover topics relating to the treatment of hormone imbalances in men and women. The recordings are released in sections on: 1st July, 1st August, and 1st September. Once released, each video is only available for one month
 (so you must be quick to make sure you don’t miss any of the great content!).

This online summit includes 13 recorded sessions from a variety of hormone experts. These skilled presenters can supply you with the foundation to confidently assess and treat patients who present with hormonal dysfunction, safely and effectively
Topics Include:

  • Hormone physiology for the female and male patient
  • Review physiologic stress response and relationship to imbalances
  • Hormone imbalances and treatment options associated with infertility and PCOS
  • Treatment strategies and clinical cases
  • Evaluate the most important laboratory tests to use in assessing hormone-related dysfunction and recognise common pitfalls of lab testing
  • Recognise appropriate treatment protocols from lifestyle, nutraceuticals to prescribed bioidentical hormones.

Click here to register.





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