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BioMedica Lunch Learn Oct

BioMedica is excited to offer practitioners a complimentary Lunch & Learn: Sili-ca-con-cone; clinical relevance. If this something that may be of interest to your practitioners then please feel free to share*

Silica is a common prescription in natural medicine. Holistic practitioners understand it’s importance to the structure of connective tissue, cartilage and bone. Many take silica to enhance skin, hair and nails. Did you know that most of the silica prescribed as a stand-alone nutrient or in herbs such as horsetail have very little therapeutic benefit, if any. The bioavailability of silicon from silica is extremely poor. Join Daniel Baden to discuss the chemistry, absorption and clinical relevance of the different chemical forms of silicon.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding of the different chemical forms of silicon and their uses
  • An appreciation of the limitations of common silica supplements
  • Key prescribing considerations and indications for silicon in clinical practice

Date:  Thursday, 29 October, Time: 12.00pm (AEDT) Duration: 30 minutes

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Methylation Genetics: Why Choline is Often the Missing Link

Presented by Dr. Denise Furness. Free practitioner-only webinar from FxMed

Date:  Friday 6 November, 12-1pm NZDT/ 10-11am AEDT

As the major dietary source of methyl groups, choline helps to drive methylation reactions that support cognitive function, fetal neural development and detoxification. Approximately 90% of Australians and New Zealanders fall short of meeting adequate dietary intakes. Plant-based diets, low estrogen levels, and common polymorphisms in methylation genes contribute to low choline status.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise the importance of choline in cognitive function, pregnancy outcomes and liver health
  • Learn when to consider supplemental choline by asking the patient simple questions
  • Learn how to select the right supplement and dosing regimen for each individual

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