About Us:

Naturopathic Product Database Pty Ltd, ABN 18125610148, is an Australian based company, trading as nPod and launched in 2007.  It is designed for use by Australian and New Zealand health practitioners, students & colleges, from the viewpoint of the practitioner and provides: 

  • Up to date prescribing information (including RRP) for all Practitioner-Only and selective OTC products in Australia and New Zealand
  • A 'Prescribing Guide', so you can find the most appropriate supplements for your clients
  • A 'Product Comparison' feature allowing you to compare up to 4 different products at once
  • A comprehensive 'Search' feature allowing you to search within the searched results
  • Information on upcoming seminars/webinars and resources
  • Educational Podcasts (currently over 25)
  • Links to retail brands so you can view contents of over-the-counter products your clients are taking
  • The latest researched information on probiotic use
  • Discounted books (purchased via nPod) within our profession
  • A 'Find A Practitioner' facility for practitioners subscribed to nPod
  • A one stop site saving time and paper for busy health practitioners and students

nPod is independent and is not connected to health company manufacturers or distribution companies listing products or advertising on this website. The founder and Managing Director, Jillian Rodgers ND, is a practising naturopath with over twenty nine years experience. Keith Pryor, FCPA who has many years experience as a Senior Corporate Executive, is the Company Secretary. Julie Bennett, PhD with 25 years experience in advertising, design, marketing and publishing, is the Marketing Director. Andrew Mouawad of Earthlink Design is engaged as the IT Programmer and Web Developer and is responsible for upgrading, programming and maintenance of nPod.

Please note products sold in New Zealand are not subject to TGA approval.

To see what nPod offers Take a Tour or read the notes on the How to... page

To subscribe to nPod you must be a qualified Health Practitioner as defined in subsection 42AA (1) (2) (3) of the Therapeutic Goods Act and hold a current TGA Certificate of Exemption (or a student of Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, TCM, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic Medicine or Integrative Medicine). Practitioner access is not available to the general public.

For an annual subscription click here - ensure your email is entered correctly, as verification of your email is necessary for access to the site. There is an annual tax deductable fee of A$52pa for practitioner access and A$30 for student access. For student subscriptions see our Colleges & Associations page.  Access to nPod website will be granted upon payment of fees and approval from nPod Admin to your email address, which could take up to 12 hours.  All prices quoted on this website are in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST (unless otherwise indicated on product information). There are no refunds on fees paid.

Health and Distribution Companies: Please contact our office for information about listing products on nPod or joining as a Distributor.

We welcome your feedback, just email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.